Ask positive questions

You need a 7 Day BrainwashDo you remember when you were at school – everyone seems to have had at least one teacher who had no time for children. You get an answer wrong, and scathingly get asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

What a terrible question! No sooner are you asked it, but your brain starts searching for answers. “It must be ‘cos I’m stupid,” or something of that ilk.

The trouble is, we often grow up asking ourselves questions like that all the time. That’s not going to make you feel too good about yourself, is it?

Try this. To see the powerful effect questions can have, give them as gifts today. Whenever you’re in conversation with anyone, focus on asking them at least one question which will get them to feel good about themselves. For instance, you could ask, “What was one of the most magical things that ever happened to you?”

Wow! What a question! As soon as you do that, their brain starts sifting through all the magical things that ever happened to them, and they’ll feel terrific. Or try, “Remember the last time you felt really safe and loved?”

Just watch people light up as you do this. Think of all the gifts you can give today just by asking people questions that knock them into a positive or powerful state.

Then, tonight, before you go to bed, remember to ask yourself, “What were some of the things I did today that I feel really great about?” Chances are, you’ll fall asleep before you’ve finished the list!

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