Argument for Atheism

I am an Atheist. I do not believe in the Christian God, or the Muslim Allah, or the Jewish Jehovah (or Yahweh). Perhaps there is a Creator Being, but if so, human dogma has clearly got it all wrong. Don’t misunderstand-I hold no ill will toward those who choose to believe in a Creator being, … Read more

What an Atheist Believes

Atheism, by definition, is the lack of belief in a supreme being or power. That said, it does not exclude an atheist from believing in certain ideals of life and society. This is a common misconception of atheism. While I cannot speak for what others believe in, I can speak for myself. These are just … Read more

Scientific Proof that Prayer Doesn’t Work

The debate about the existence or non-existence of supernatural deities rages on. In one camp, there is the faithful, a group of people who sincerely “believe” in the existence of a God (usually singular) despite the absence of scientifically robust evidence. In the other camp, there are the atheists who adopt the position of “I … Read more

A Secular Humanistic View of Religious Behavior

I am British, and we are not a secular society, despite the fact that we are less religious than many nations who officially are. A division has been stirring in our society recently. With more and more people casting themselves away from established religious beliefs, the people still holding them have mobilized. Freedom of Religion, … Read more

An Atheists Definition of God

What does it mean to “believe in God,” as 95% of the population professes to do? As an academically-trained linguist and a secular humanistic Jew, I’ve thought about this question for many years and listened to how people answer it. Bible God One answer I’ve observed is “I believe in Bible God:” a supernatural being … Read more