History of Buddhism Regional Varieties

Buddhism exists wherever there are sentient beings in contemplation. One need not be a Buddha to attain enlightenment. Many have come close all over the globe. Many have dwelled in nirvana, whether for a short time or for eternity, no matter what tradition led them there. The historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, was the first to tell … Read more

Is Buddhism a Religion or a Way of Life?

Religion or at least the tenets of any true religion should also be a way of life. So Buddhism is both. Buddhism has components of religion but also outlines various beliefs that can be used to guide the individual in life. The Buddha is revered and in Mahayana Buddhism, he is considered to be divine … Read more

Quan Yin Total Compassion and Loving Kindness

Most commonly known as the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion, Quan Yin became the perfect human being through the mantra (or prayer) Om Mani Padme Hum. She is a symbol of one woman’s sacrifice for mankind. Known by many names, the name Kuan Yin is short for the Chinese title Kuan Shih Yin, meaning “observing … Read more

Praying for Tibet

As they say Tibet is the roof of the world. The Tibetans are people of peace and live in harmony with each other and the natural world around them. This is due to their commitment and devotion to the Dalia Lama and their faith in the Buddhist religion. The Tibetan people’s flight is not a … Read more

The Dharma and its Relationship to Animals

I’d love it if you could meet at Chippy! He’s very cute. He is the guinea pig of my youngest son. Chippy isn’t full grown yet. He has a spacious cage and a large plastic igloo as his hiding place and nest. He has his food dish and a large water bottle. My son takes … Read more

How Buddhism Differs from other Religions

Buddhism is not a Club religion The most important difference between Buddhism and other religions is that Buddhism is not a Club religion. In Club religions when you join the club, you become special in some way and closer to truth and God. You may begin to discriminate between those in your club and those … Read more

Facts on Buddhism

Buddhism is a religion that was founded in India in the sixth century BC by Siddhartha Gautama, known as the Buddha. The Buddha is not a God, or a messenger of God, and cannot act as a savior or redeemer. It is the Buddha’s teachings, known as Dhamma, that is at the core of Buddhism. … Read more

The Differences and Similarities between Shinto and Zen Buddhism

In western culture, a good majority of the population does not have a clue about eastern spirituality. There are many different religions in eastern culture; the focus of this article is Shinto and Zen Buddhism. Described below are the fundamental principles of both Shinto and Zen Buddhism, You will notice the differences and similarities between … Read more

Zen Koan Carrying the Raft

Case: In China, at the base of a mountain, an impoverished young man sat in meditation in front of his hut facing a great rushing river.  A monk from the mountain monastery hiked down a long, steep path past the hut carrying two huge wooden basins to transport water from the river back up the … Read more

Tibet vs China

In her article “Praying for Tibet,” the author hoopee writes that many years ago, the Chinese decided that a portion of their country could not be ruled by a religious leader, the “honorable Dalai Lama.” This is a gross oversimplification of hundreds of years of Chinese and Tibetan history.  Such an oversimplification indicates a limited … Read more