Understanding the Basic Beliefs of Hinduism

Hinduism, the third-largest religion in the world next to Islam and Christianity, was initiated in India. “Hinduism differs from Christianity and other Western religions in that it does not have a single founder, a specific theological system, a single system of morality, or a central religious organization. It consists of “thousands of different religious groups … Read more

The History of Hinduism

The word “Hindu” is derived from the River Sindu, originating in the Himalayas, crossing the North of India, running through Pakistan, and flowing into the Arabian Sea. For the people who came to inhabit the land later, the name “Sindu” was challenging to pronounce. Therefore, the name was distorted into “Indus.” Various scientists consider the … Read more

Guide to Hinduism Beliefs

Hinduism is a worldwide religious tradition and is generally regarded as one of the oldest religions still practiced in the world. Hinduism is practiced by most followers through the Puja (prayer) of God in the form of a murti (statue) and very often accompanied by the offering of flowers, fruits, and milk. In addition to … Read more