Reduce Stress through Deep Breathing

Breathing Slows Down the Aging Process Stress is one of the major factors for hastening the aging process and physical breakdown. Chronic stress eats up the nutrients from the body and weakens brain structure. Muscle tension, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, lack of motivation, weight gain and a multitude of other conditions are all associated to … Read more

Incorporating Deep Breath to Your Daily Routine

Conscious Breathing It really pays to learn how to breathe consciously. Breathing provides over 99 percent of our body’s oxygen and energy capacity which aid in all our physiological functions. When breathing is poorly executed, it can cause or lead to more serious effects like depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, loss of sleep, … Read more

Fresh and Clean Air: A Boost to Your Health

Increase Your Oxygen Level Why is it that a simple thing like fresh air is so important for your health and overall fitness? Well, we get a plenty of reasons for that matter and you should not take this vital element for granted. After you take in air through your lungs, your oxygen levels are … Read more

Breathing: Doing it the Right Way

 Common Breathing Problem It is a universal law that we all depend on breathing to survive. Life starts and ends in breath. Usually, we overlook the significance of inhalation and exhalation, thinking of it rarely as an automatic process, until we discover ourselves getting problems in breathing and then attempt to exert effort. When we … Read more

The Continual Benefits of Deep Breathing

First Steps in Breathing Deeply Many exercise systems depend upon equipment, gyms and pricey gadgets. These are the usual regimes that we use to maintain our fitness and health. But what if I told you that there’s one simple alternative to those expensive routines. Deep breathing is a great way to contract certain muscles, and … Read more

Pranayama: Spreading Out Bio-energy through Respiration

Pranayama is derived from the Sanskrit words prana which means life energy and ayama which is defined intensity, expansion, breadth, elevation. In short, it is the expansion or increase of bio-energy. Pranayama assigns techniques that are constant of a respiratory nature and behavior to the intensification or extension of prana in the body. Yoga has … Read more

Deep Breathing and the Science of Meditation

Breathing is an indispensable aspect of holistic health. Doing it in an effective way can give you wonderful benefits that medicine cannot give. It’s a natural technique that health experts primarily advise the public, to take deep breaths and eliminate the harmful toxins. Learning some simple ways on breathing practices, and meditations will lead you … Read more

The Important Benefits of Deep Breathing

Breathing is really a big deal in life; it’s one of the vital signs that prove both our survival and existence. We tend to inhale and exhale all day long, keeping our body in good and stable health. However, it is a skill to do deep and effective breathing. This respiratory act enhances exercise habits, … Read more

How to do a Detox Diet

A detox diet is meant to strengthen the organs involved in the detox : your skin, intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys and lymphatic system. Because of the nature of the detoxification process, it is also believed to promote the excretion of stored toxins within these organs as well. Advocates of the detox diet recommend many methods … Read more