Understanding the Art of Dowsing

“Dowsing, water divining, or water-witching, is an ancient skill in which gifted individuals are able to locate underground water (pipe, tunnel, cable, mineral vein, ore, etc.) by means of a neurophysical response when passing over the target object. The muscular spasm induced in the process is usually amplified by the use of a dowsing instrument … Read more

History and Explanation of Ley Lines

My understanding of ley lines has been that they are energy lines that cross the earth in right angles to each other and are created by magnetic fields. Many sacred and/or religious sites have been built on these lines over the years. Their mystery evolves from the fact that even ancient societies (the Nazca and … Read more

Common pitfalls on the magical path

Let the true initiate be forewarned of these traps which he is doomed to face. These are natural challenges that every passionate practitioner of magick shall encounter again and again. For many, these pitfalls lead their spiritual growth to confusion; but remember, confusion is often a part of the step toward wisdom. Hence, let yourself … Read more

Living the magical life

Magick is not a mere way of life – it is your life. As a true initiate, you ought to live in accordance with its tenets (in accordance with the very demands and yearnings of your heart). The path of magick, if taken with much zeal and passion, is a very demanding path – and … Read more

Exploring the differences between Healing Touch and Reiki

Understanding the differences between Reiki and Healing Touch is simple, but first, you have to figure out what each one is. Both Healing Touch (also known as Therapeutic Touch) and Reiki treatments offer a simple way to receive [light] energy. People talk about feeling heavy and gloomy during winter months, whereas the same people shed … Read more

Psychological insight and dream work

Dreams are said to be the language of the subconscious mind. Dreams are thought to be the way information is communicated to us from our subconscious. You see, hear and feel things every day that your conscious mind rejects consciously. The conscious mind works mostly on logic and reason. Therefore, if it doesn’t make sense, it must … Read more

Spirit guides from another level communicate needed information

Most people have feelings they can’t totally explain. They are called a variety of things from hunches to premonitions. Often that sudden urge you feel to call an old friend or resume jogging may be a form of communication from a spirit on the other side in an effort to help you down life’s pathways. … Read more

New Age Tips for the self as a Guide

Go into any bookstore in the country and you can find an entire section devoted to New Age philosophy. There, you will find book after book telling you what you must do to make your life better. I began thirty years ago to explore alternative spiritual paths and have read many of those books. Unfortunately, … Read more

Understanding Pseudoscience and New Age Ideas

I have to start off by saying that lumping the terms “pseudoscience” and “New Age” ideas in the same sentence is offensive. These are two separate entities. There are some Non-believers out there who hide behind terms like “skeptic” or the latest buzz phrase “Critical thinker”. These are the people who lump these separate terms … Read more