Pagan Festivals in the US

We have a great custom in the United States that many families practice year after year to stay in contact with members of their family who may live far away, people who they may not be able to stay in contact with as often as they would like, and this custom is referred to as … Read more

Best Books for Pagans

I often have people ask me for book recommendations for those new to Paganism. Over the years I have found myself giving out the same titles over and over. So I have finally decided to make up a list of them. Now I can just hand out the book list and tell the inquirer to … Read more

Best Books for Advanced Pagans

This is a list for Pagans who have generally been practicing for a few years and have become comfortable with most Pagan practices or are at the very least aware of them. Please understand, that no matter what someone tells you to the contrary, there is no one way to be a Pagan. If there … Read more

Best Books for Intermediate Pagans

Generally speaking, as soon as people ask me for my recommendations on what books are a good place to start for a new Pagan, they ask me for a list of what books are good for a mid-range Pagan. Someone who isn’t really advanced, that is to say not totally comfortable yet with their practice … Read more

Litha and the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of summer, the point at which the life-giving sun is at its strongest over the powers of darkness. Midsummer’s Day Litha or Summer Solstice-also is known as Midsummer’s Day-falls at the time of year when the sun is at its highest point in the sky resulting in the … Read more

Animal Totems Hawk

Animal totems: Hawk The hawk is an animal that is both beautiful and majestic in flight and at the same time dangerous and predatory in nature. They live mainly in areas of open spaces where they can use their acute senses to help them hunt. Female hawks are usually bigger than their male counterparts and … Read more

Shamanism as a way of Life

When one thinks of Druids and the Celts, one generally brings to mind images of Merlin and Morganna, people in long flowing robes with extraordinary magical powers. Powers to harm or heal, powers to curse or cure. What few automatically bring to mind is their deeper, more personal mysteries. What gave the Druids their powers? … Read more

The Purpose of a Shaman

The purpose of a shaman is to help people be more connected. A shaman is guided much like a clergy person is, by Spirit/God. A shaman is working for the greater good of all concerned and is here to aid people for healing, feeling happiness and living a good life. The purpose of a shaman … Read more