Is there room for friends in Buddhism?

The more we learn about Buddhism the more it seems like practical advice we’ve been given all our lives. We have learned the principles but call them by different names. The views Buddha offers on the importance and meaning of friendship is much the same as any mother would tell a child. We see some … Read more

Be enthusiastic even when you fail

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill They say that enthusiasm is contagious and I’m sure you would agree this is true. The more enthusiasm you bring to any and every thing you do will ultimately determine the quality of your day to day experience. The challenge … Read more

Program Yourself To Be Better

For the past 3 years, I have spent most of my time developing my business and along the way, have had to overcome a number of fears and self-limiting ideas. What I was really doing was reprogramming my mind to think differently. Here are 3 techniques you might want to try that will help you … Read more

What are some common law of attraction mistakes?

1. Believing that positive thinking is enough to attract what you want Positive thinking occurs only on the conscious level; this is why positive thinking alone is not enough to be able to use the law of attraction. It is necessary for belief to enter the subconscious as well. As we have seen earlier, the … Read more

Declare your intentions

Now that you know what you want, you need to write it down in the form of a statement of intention. If you read this intention at least twice daily, then this will help to fix it into your subconscious mind. However, you must write your intention in the correct way or it will not … Read more

Adjust Your Habits for Positive Change

Our Lives are filled with Good Habits and Bad Habits

Good habits we may keep, but if one wants to better their life the bad habits must take a hike.

To better your life, you need to admit and say out loud “This habit blocks me from accomplishment and I have to change it.”

Rather than looking at the negative side of things, accept bad habits as truth but move past them to make your life better.

When you’re working to alter your life and change bad habits make sure you seek support and feedback.

Take little steps to accomplish big successes

Change the meaning – change the message

I love books – I have a library of ’em! Being a collector of knowledge may be very rewarding, but I learned some time ago that the truth will not pop out of it. It will only lead to a search for more knowledge. Furthermore, knowledge will not change the quality of your life. It … Read more

Using breathing exercises to deal with stress

Many people do not breathe fully in their daily lives. Smoking, tension and incorrect posture will all restrict the lungs being utilised correctly. This in turn can lead to health problems. Therefore, learning to breathe correctly and to be able to practice it a few times each day is really useful. The complete breath a … Read more