Are you afraid of change?

Are you someone who finds it tough to let time just drift by? Or do you try to fill every moment? Having ful-filled moments is one thing, but having empty time filled with “noise” is different, isn’t it? Sometimes, we get fearful of change. We bustle about doing our utmost to ensure that life goes … Read more

Define your goals

It’s easy to feel cut off from the rest of the world and to even feel a little out of sync from those around you. You work hard but maybe don’t feel like you are achieving all that you should. It might be that you haven’t defined your goals clearly in your own mind before … Read more

How to attract abundance

You don’t have to look very far to see the law of abundance in action. A single apple seed can spawn an entire orchard, whilst to count the individual grains of sand on a beach would take many lifetimes. (As well as being somewhat pointless). The universe is clearly abundant. Not only that, but it … Read more

What are you worried about?

Here’s a slower way for all you folks that think if you didn’t have something to worry about your life would lose it’s meaning. HAVE A WORRY BINGE! Go on. Indulge yourself. Worry about everything you can possibly imagine. Worry to the bitter end. See all the worst case scenarios you can imagine. But you’re … Read more