African Religion

African cultures of southern, central and eastern Africa all had the concept of God; although the colonialists claimed that they did not. In Ki-Swahili, God is “Mungu”, in Tswana, he is “Modimo”, in Zulu/Ndebele the almighty is “Unkulunkulu” or “Umlimo”, in Ikalanga he is “Ndzimu”, and the Shona of Zimbabwe refer to him as “She”, … Read more

Is Religion just a Crutch

Most people are born into a family that either has a strong faith base, or a family who may believe in whatever religious traditions were handed down to them by their parents. Then there are those few who are lucky enough to be born into a family who has no religious belief system and encourages … Read more

Religious Relevance of Mormon undergarments

Everyone holds something dear to him or herself. Some may value an old photo, while others will cherish their childhood blanket. Mormons, on the other hand, love their special Mormon underwear. Mormon undergarments hold an unsurpassable value to the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints. Although they could be bought at pretty much any department … Read more