How to Succeed at Planning and Execution

Mankind is by nature a goal-seeking creature. To live happily, achieve success and be loved are goals shared universally by all people. Everyone has goals, even if they are better understood as “wishes,” “dreams,” “targets” or “ideals.” Why, then, do some people achieve success consistently, while others rarely or never get where they aim to … Read more

Ways to be positive during hard times

It is not too tough to smile and have a positive frame of mind when life is going smoothly. However, when life serves up lemons, positivity is much harder to muster. Life is full of good and bad times. People are forced to deal with loss, both personal and professional, and it is not easy … Read more

Behind manifestation

Often, we claim that we want one thing but receive something else entirely. Why? It is not necessarily because we’re doing something “wrong” or that we’re “off” in the way we tend to see it. There’s much more to it than just the thoughts we put to them. It also has to do with our … Read more

5 Top self help motivational books by influential authors

Self-help books have regularly made an appearance in the best selling lists of non-fiction. Some of the top-selling self-help books of all time have become classics and continue to inspire many of those who read them. The following five titles are top-selling self-help books by authors who are regarded as being highly influential. Their books … Read more

It takes courage to be yourself

Life can be full of challenges. One of the biggest challenges of all is finding the courage to be yourself. You are going to face people that want you to believe the way they believe, do things the way they do. These people will not necessarily be strangers, they can be family members and close … Read more

Forgiveness improves the human experience

It feels wonderful to be forgiven. The burden of misdeeds, with which people can almost physically feel weighed down, may be lifted with the belief that they are no longer being judged. They are given a clean slate and reminded that they should seize the opportunity to do good deeds and avoid hurting others. It … Read more