The Benefits of Yoga for Men

A regular Yoga practice can support and improve the physical and psychological health of a man, while gaining a condition of well-being. The physical level in particular, yoga has its physical postures or asanas which help to put off injury by boosting flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance. The practice of Yogic breathing or pranayama is … Read more

Practicing Yoga for Arthritis Pain

Suffering from chronic stiffness on your back? Or got some trouble with knee and wrist bending because of pain? Chances are, you might have arthritis.   Arthritis Can Affect Anyone – Yoga May Help Arthritis is considered as one of the most widespread diseases in the planet. In America, 40% of those people between the … Read more

How Yoga Boosts your Energy

Many people revolve to the magical benefits of yoga for energy and find a refreshing experience and prepared to undertake whatever life may challenge them. The principle of yoga is based on tapping into the inner force of life which we call Chi, the underlying power that provides us balance and strength. This internal drive … Read more

Choosing the Best Type of Yoga

At present, the only elements that are integrated into your experience are your mind, your body and your emotions. You recognize them to some point, and you can assume that these three aspects have to occur the way they are occurring, there must be an underlying energy that causes them to take place. So these … Read more

A Brief History of Yoga in the United States

Yoga Was First Introduced to America in the 1800s Many people might get surprised upon learning that yoga has an extensive tradition in the United States. For majority of Americans, their facts of yoga may only point back to the 1960s, at the time the ideas of meditation and spiritualism were adopted by the counterculture … Read more

Yoga and Meditation: The Strong Connection

Although a lot of people are not conscious about it, the relationship between meditation and yoga is fairly strong. Meditation is an ideal match to yoga whether you are looking to boost up your spiritual awareness, finding a way to abate stress or get in better shape. It is achievable, while practicing yoga, to reach … Read more

Yoga Twisting

Twistin, twistin, twistin the day away. Sounds like a dance tune, but it could be your new yoga mantra. Twists wring the body out and therefore help to release enormous amounts of tension. They are deeply cleansing and nourishing. After twisting, the musculature of the body relaxes and that area is filled with nutrients. . … Read more