Change the meaning – change the message

You need a 7 Day BrainwashI love books – I have a library of ’em!

Being a collector of knowledge may be very rewarding, but I learned some time ago that the truth will not pop out of it. It will only lead to a search for more knowledge. Furthermore, knowledge will not change the quality of your life. It will only inform you. What changes the quality of your life is mastering your emotions.

There is a tendency to believe that emotion masters us – “I can’t help it, it’s just the mood I’m in.” But the mood you’re in is a direct result of the thoughts you think and the meaning you give to them and the circumstances around them.

Just for fun, this week try changing the meaning of things, and notice what happens to your mood. For example, if a driver cuts you off on the road, try imagining that he just got a message on his cell phone that his wife went into labour fifteen minutes ago. (If that proves difficult, put yourself in that position and ask yourself how you would drive). Or imagine that the driver just got told Phil Collins had to cancel his gig and would they stand in?

Realize, we almost never have enough information to know exactly why somebody behaves the way they do.

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