Give yourself an upgrade

You need a 7 Day BrainwashNowadays, everything’s being upgraded. No sooner have you got the latest gizmo, but the next one’s on the market. You load the swishest software out onto your trusty PC, and next thing you know, they’re emailing you with the latest upgrade.

It occurs to me that we hardly ever do that to ourselves, at least not unless we’re in crisis or something.

This weekend, why not email all your buddies, and tell them about improvements to the latest version of you? Still recognizable as the cuddly self they’re all used to, but with modifications now that technology’s improved.

Here’s some of mine:

1.. The new me ponders longer than previous versions, coming up with deeper insights than before. 2.. He smiles more often. 3.. This latest upgrade refuses to worry. Instead, he regards everything as a challenge, a curiosity, or a weave in life’s rich tapestry. 4.. He is less judgmental. He now sees others as reflections of himself, and if those reflections make him squirm, he adjusts himself, not the mirror.

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