Learn to let go

You need a 7 Day BrainwashHave you ever been in one of those situations where it just seems incredibly important to win? Even though you can’t even remember why any more?

A family argument perhaps, or a tussle with something non-human such as your car or computer. And, darn it, no matter what you do, the other thing just seems to get the upper hand on you. Then you become like the proverbial dog with a bone, and won’t let go.

It seems to me there are two things to do here. One is to be the dog with the bone as long as you remember the bone is going to win.

And the other is to walk away.

Neither is right or wrong. But whichever you choose, I would add a little piece of wisdom here ….

…. put a big silly grin on your face! So the bone’s winning – who cares? You could even let out a chuckle as you imagine yourself floored by this big, white thigh-bone. As you do, you begin to release endorphins and they make you feel gooooood!

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