Living in the Now with the Law of Attraction

You need a 7 Day BrainwashDo you live in the now? Do you make a regular habit of observing your own mind and your thoughts? When you start observing your mind, the first thing you will probably notice is that you don’t really have any control over it. How many times you have read something, even if you are trying to really concentrate on the subject, but then you caught yourself drifting off and thinking about something completely different?

You can observe your mind, because you are not your mind, just as you are not your body.

To manifest what you want you need to learn to control your mind. You can achieve this by concentrating, meditating and visualizing as often as possible. Keep your focus on the things you want to manifest. If you allow your mind to jump freely from one subject to another, like a monkey from tree to tree, it will take you long time to achieve your goals.

One aspect of this is importance of living in the NOW. Too often we think about the past, and the things we did or didn’t do which we now regret. We revisit them again and again in our minds, and torture ourselves with our past mistakes. This only serves to bring us more of what we are focusing on- regret and unhappiness.

The point is that the past, happy or sad, has gone. We can’t change it. It doesn’t have any value for our manifesting purposes. Of course we can hopefully learn from our past mistakes, but that’s it- otherwise, dwelling on the past is just a waste of time and energy.

If we are not thinking about the past we are usually thinking about the future. Often we are afraid of the future, sometimes we look at the future with hope. But the future is made in the present. We need to start living in the present and concentrate on the present. We need to be happy now. If we are happy now, we build our happy future. Because of that it is very important to gradually control the mind and to live in the now; try to be happy now.

Learn to appreciate each moment. When you go for a walk, really savor the beautiful scenery, the sights and smells of nature. Don’t allow your mind to drift to what you need to do when you get back home or wondering what’s on the television tonight. Whatever you are doing, really appreciate it, savor the moment and don’t allow your mind to drag you off to thoughts of the past or future. Just be.

We can easily change our mind’s states. We can listen to some music which makes us feel good, we can think about someone we love or we can look at something beautiful. Whatever helps you to feel happy, and get into the state where you can visualize the things you want in the future as already achieved.

A good way to learn how to control your mind is to do some simple breathing exercises, which will also help to achieve peace and bring you into the now.

Another good way is to practice gratitude for the things you have and the things you intend to have. You cannot feel unhappy when you are feeling grateful. Once you learn to live in the now and be happy now, you are in the correct place for manifesting your desires.

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