Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

Sometimes, there are things that are unavoidable. They just happen unexpected. One particular phenomenon is the occurrence of Mercury retrograde. So what is this event that most of those who know it feel uneasy about its emergence? Mercury retrograde is the most popularly known signature of astrology for Murphy’s Law. This is the law that … Read more

Give back to yourself

So I was just wondering: when was the last time you really gave to yourself? Not a thing – not something you have to go shopping for, but something that would nourish your soul. A really long stomp in the woods or beside the ocean, perhaps. An evening of jazz dancing. A non-cerebral gift like … Read more

Mercury Retrograde: The Murphy’s Law of the Cosmos

Mercury retrograde is an astrological period when things can go wrong, thus proving the Murphy’s Law. When Mercury turns retrograde, the conditions that the planet governs are changed and do not function as projected. So how it is connected with Murphy’s Law? Let’s discuss these terms on separate perspectives before we relate their implications “If … Read more