The Benefits of Yoga for Men

A regular Yoga practice can support and improve the physical and psychological health of a man, while gaining a condition of well-being. The physical level in particular, yoga has its physical postures or asanas which help to put off injury by boosting flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance. The practice of Yogic breathing or pranayama is also really advantageous for a man’s fitness and health. The exercises of pranayama soothe and appease a nervous system that is over-active, thereby minimizing the elevated levels of adrenalin and cortisol. As the nervous system is relieved, the blood pressure of a person is decreased and the health of the heart is improved. In addition, the practice of restorative poses of yoga will permit a man to free long-held emotional and muscular stress, tension and anxiety.


Increasing Strength in Asana Yoga

Considering the physical aspect, a regular practice of asana yoga will give a man the benefits of increased strength and balance, while improving his flexibility level. Fairly often, pain from recurring stress injuries, and other damages connected to active sports, may be minimized through a regular practice of yoga. A balanced, dynamic yoga practice will help in stabilizing a man’s muscular core, stretch excessively- taught parts of the body, and aid to strengthen more vulnerable groups of muscles. All of these benefits are important in preventing and healing injuries, from other competitive sports like football, golf, rugby and tennis.

The regular practice of yoga pranayama and asana techniques also has another bunch of very essential benefits for men. It can lower levels of stress as well as enhance the health of the heart. Cardiac disease is one of the primary causes of death among men in the U.S. A lot of men are juggling different balls while they strive at attaining success in their professions, nurture a family, care for the aging parents, and more. All of these duties can bring about tremendous amount of pressure, anxiety and tension. Exercising yoga poses, with soothing breathing exercises, time after time, will help a guy to unwind, relax, and liberate tension- both physical and emotional aspects. At the time the nervous system is calmed, the blood pressure will be lowered, and the stress that is in the heart will be relieved, thereby leading to the improvement of your cardiac health.

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