The Important Benefits of Deep Breathing

Breathing is really a big deal in life; it’s one of the vital signs that prove both our survival and existence. We tend to
inhale and exhale all day long, keeping our body in good and stable health. However, it is a skill to do deep and effective
breathing. This respiratory act enhances exercise habits, while preserving calmness and relaxation within our body

Why It Feels Good to Take Deep Breath

We often go jogging on an early morning and say “it really feels great to have a breath of fresh air”. Yes, it’s great to take
in some fresh air but it isn’t the clean air that makes you feel cool. When we do deep breathing, we absorb oxygen and
supply the entire body. The lungs become filled with oxygen and the thoracic cage expands, eliminating toxins from the
body while activating the spine and internal organs. Our organs should essentially get regular oxygen supply, which is
passed on to the organic cells through the blood.

The skill of deep breathing contributes a lot to our daily activities. It maximizes the benefits of our routines of exercise.
Thus, it is really important to learn the right way of breathing with the use of our diaphragm. Our diaphragm is actually a
thin dome shaped muscle that lies horizontally below the lungs. It looks like a parachute, which contracts whenever we
breathe. The contraction makes it compressed, producing a vacuum that takes in air. The time we exhale, the diaphragm
is caused to go back to its original shape and drive air out. Learning how to breathe is always possible by effective use
and control of our diaphragm.

Effective inhalation is achieved by doing it in a slow and deep manner using your nose. When the air is drawn in, your
chest is filled up and the rib cage is expanded before your diaphragm is occupied until you sense it in your stomach and
pelvic region. On the other hand, exhalation is done simply by reversing the process. Start with stomach and end in
the upper body. Repeat the technique constantly until you feel comfortable with breathing. During exercise, effective
breathing will give you additional strength and energy.

Stress Reduction and Other Benefits of Deep Breathing

Aside from providing us with vital oxygen and helping effective exercise performance, deep breathing can work wonders
when we feel stressed out or nervous. It is an integral part in popular stress-reducing activities such as Yoga, Meditation
and Pilates. Slow and deliberate breathing can benefit us with relaxing and soothing effect. One common situation
where breathing measures are implemented successfully in decreasing levels of anxiety and pain is when somebody
gives birth. Knowing these great benefits of deep breathing, it is worthwhile to try and practice it habitually. Look for a
quiet place where you can inhale a couple of profound breaths and exhale gradually. And, you can experience a feeling
of relief and release.

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