Aquarius Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs


The arrangement of twelve zodiac in astrology is done in such a form which ensures the perfect born dates and months together in harmonized flow. Aquarius occupied the position at number eleven and is appropriately symbolized by ruling planet “Uranus” and is fixed with flowing element “Air”.

Aquarius born personalities are determined by forward rational views with logical attitude. They are great stabilizers with positive energy and creative ideas. As in relationship and friendship they are quick-witty personalities and are easily mixed up with others. Their outlook figured is often found as unemotional but still they carry kind heart.

They are excellent in making new friends and are not reserved/shy personalities. They are good gathering holders and are likely great social butterflies. They love to “Laugh Out Loud” with people and quite pampering in life. They are shiny glamour spirits with life zeal. They are actually loveable humans and are deeply attached with friends and family.

Aquarius best companions one can ever had in life. They are intellectual humans but sometimes feel so much depressed when get hurt. They are constant discoverers and funny joyful personalities. They love freeness and personal space and let other to team up same. They love to travel and explore life with new ideas and forms with friends.

In relationship compatibility for some they are mysterious and different so uneasy to understand even for some they are detached personalities as because they don’t prefer to show emotional side. They are freedom lovers so might be not showing emotions and feels in life’s sphere but this nature of attitude doesn’t proves them they are hard hearted.

Aquarius Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Aquarius with Aries Relationship: The relationship compatibility between these two zodiac is stable partnership and holds quite good force for each other. They both together can be less dating mates but still the communicative partnership scores high.

Aquarius with Taurus Relationship: They both belong to different thinking and different attitude so lacks behind in compatibility with challenging bond. They both need to work a lot more for long term fellowship.

Aquarius with Gemini Relationship: The true pairing is called as soul mate matching which is there in between them both. They are born for each other and carved long term warm bond.

Aquarius with Cancer Relationship: The personal relationship in Cancers and Aquarius is quite struggling. The difference in mutual understanding even leads to breaking up of relationship.

Aquarius with Leo Relationship: Individuals with these two zodiac retain unstable bonding. Their companionship is more bound not bond with love which is quite worrying.

Aquarius with Virgo Relationship: They together are hard hand holders. They can be good friends but if it is about life term relationship they together fail or find it difficult to understand each other in possible ways.

Aquarius with Libra Relationship: Astrology says they are attractive soul mates and are perfect example for others. They both together can find best buddy and best mate in same figure which is so warming-charming for long term relation compatibility.

Aquarius with Scorpio Relationship: From naughtiness in sexual attraction to common communicative talks they are sometimes stable many a times tackling. They both together carry enough of potential to work on their relationship so that it can last for long.

Aquarius with Sagittarius Relationship: Both are together curious about each other and are devoted in relationship. They together are mutual share-care achievers so gain high marks in true fellowship.

Aquarius with Capricorn Relationship: Statistically they both face difficult bonding together so need to work little hard to ensure happy relationship with devotion. Their seductive life is quite interesting but need communicate more with each other.

Aquarius with Aquarius Relationship: The mutual attraction with same zodiac sign is warming charming bond. They are highly fun loving companions with each other. Both mates with same astrological signs are perfectly matched and their compatibility flourishes in solid frame and ensures long term/life term bond.

Aquarius with Pisces Relationship: Secret of astrology proves that these two signs are one of the least match partners and less scoring in compatibility. They repeal each other, one is north and one is south in their relationship. They both together faces struggling terms which gives unstable nature and leads to breakup or if not breakup it will less flourished bond.

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