Aries to Aries as a friend

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Well, what happens if you try to pit fire with fire. We all know the results, that the fire will increase and it will get much hotter. Similar is the case with Aries being a friend with Aries. Since Aries is a sun sign which has major characteristics of aggression, leadership qualities, and dynamic personality, it is much likely that two Aries friends can be a fire in the house. As friends, they will always be up against each other though in the right spirits.

They will never give up and once if they have any differences or any arguments it is very tough to stop them from fighting and arguing against each other. But since Aries also has qualities of loyalty and trust, they will also be good friends when their friend is in some trouble or when they need some help. You won’t even need to ask for help if his/her friend is in trouble.

Well, to be honest, it’s little complicated but Aries being a friend with Aries is quite a risk because since both are aggressive, dynamic and possess leadership qualities, chances are there may also be an ego clash between two Aries friends and also chances are superiority complex may arise. But apart from that, they can also be great buddies since people with these sun sign are full of energy and humorous.

Together they can also light up the atmosphere and be the major attractions of the party. As buddies they may fight and argue a lot, as colleagues they may be always competitive with each other and as friends, they may be competitive, sometimes fighting but they are also loyal to each other. It’s always easy for them to understand their mood swings and they can be fun together but since both are equally egoistic and dominating from deep inside there may be some serious clashes or misunderstandings too.

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