Aries with Capricorn as a friend

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Apart from their energy levels and temperament levels, Aries and Capricorn have many similar characteristics like they both are motivated, intelligent,  goal oriented and they are always up against new challenges. It is because of these two sun signs make great friends and share amazing chemistry with each other. However, trouble arises when they have different styles and ways of doing similar things. These differences can sometimes create tension and misunderstandings in an otherwise smooth-flowing relationship.  Since Aries are independent, creative and full of energy they will often teach their Capricorn friends the lessons of hope, thrill, and excitement in life while on the other side a Capricorn friend will always teach his/her Aries friend the lessons of patience, order and discipline.

Since both of them share high creativity levels, they often create and implement new ideas in any field of their life with success and fun. Hence for the friendship to prosper between an Aries and a Capricorn friend, patience and understanding are the two most vital elements to succeed. However, the real problem arises when these two strong-headed sun signs refuse to compromise and the more sensitive Capricorn can get hurt by the strong opinions of his/her Aries friend. Moreover, the Capricorn friend may feel hurt when his/her Aries friend may not even try to change since Aries don’t tend to change their mind after they feel that particular thing is true. While dictatorial tendencies from Capricorn and dominating nature and impatience of Aries can tear the friendship apart. Adjustments, Agreements, and Tolerance are the vital elements to keep the friendship alive and make it a very long and meaningful friendship.

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