Aries as a friend with Leo

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Leo people are very intelligent, secretive and to some extent mysterious people while on the other side Aries are adventurous, exciting and free-spirited in nature. So these two sun signs make a superb combination of amazing chemistry and trust between them. But since these two are very different personalities and chances are Leo may require many adjustments and need to adapt to different energy levels to be in sync with his/her Aries friend.

Aries is fast and fiery while Leo is cool and calm on the exterior and emotionally softer inside. These two very different types are usually not even inclined towards each other. Aries is a dictator while Leo is a total controller. Aries is a fire sign with open and honest displays projecting their feelings. On the other hand, Leo calculates, keeps things inside and does not like to be interrogated.

It is extremely difficult for them to open up. Remember, fire and water do not gel well together. Aries just can’t wait to tell you what happened while Leo will never tell what they are doing. Once Leo’s mind is made up, there is no changing it. Well they may be great friends and their chemistry may be thicker than the blood, but there are differences like when a Leo friend is upset with you, he will never speak it up or pour his heart out,

He may be silent and that’s his way of treating with his anger while an Aries can’t even wait for a second to express their feelings and sometimes this may lead to a fight or misunderstandings between an Aries and a Leo friend.

The best way to strengthen the friendship is to always allow Aries to be themselves and always treat Leo friends to have their opinions before you take a step to avoid any misunderstandings or fight.

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