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“Atheism is just another word for reality.” Pat Condell

Pat Condell is a funny guy. That’s good because he’s a comedian. Pat Condell finds humor in religion and that is where he spends most of his time and comedic talents. He’ll slap around pretty much any religion but he seems to prefer Islam, well Islam is pretty easy to slap about.

If you listen very closely to what he talks about you’ll soon realize that he doesn’t hate humanity nor does he want everyone to give up their religion. What he wants is for you to celebrate your religion but you must allow him to be free from religion. Keep your religion to yourself.

I’m not so sure that is not a bad thing. If everyone was to simply keep their religion behind closed doors then this old world might be a better place; a better place for all to live.

Pat Condell “attacks” religion through his comedy.

But don’t think for a moment that comedy can not contain a point. Mr. Condell uses his comedy to make a point about religion in his life and the life of his country.

Pat Condell, a very informed man

He does not do anything without the appropriate research. He has dipped into what Muslims are doing in Canada but he knew what he was talking about and is informed. Pat certainly did his research on the types of quasi-judicial tribunals that exist in every province and federally as well.

I believe that even religious people can laugh at and with Pat Condell’s’ comedy because in the end that is what he is about: comedy. I have certainly seen many people who take umbrage with some of what Pat Condell says. Some folks are downright offended by Pats’ comedy.

Sometimes I think he is trying to have a fatwa placed on his head. You see, one of his favorite targets is Islam. He points out the deficiencies in Islam and there are plenty and Muslims make it pretty easy for him. Take the Sudan teddy bear incident for example which gave him so much fodder for his type of comedy, again because the Sudanese Muslims have made it too easy for him.

Pat Condell has become an internet sensation, well ok a small internet sensation but nonetheless he has become a minor internet celebrity. Although with this celebrity comes the other side, the dark side. Pat has received any number of death threats from members of that religion of peace, Islam. What is strange about these death threats is that these so-called religious people are cursing up a blue streak. That must make their particular god proud.

People must learn to lighten up and take a joke because, for the time being at least, Pat Condell still has the right to make them. Until Muslims kill free speech.

“God bless atheism.” Pat Condell

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