Belief vs Disbelief a Real Debate


I think that the debate of Belief vs Disbelief may, in fact, be pointless:

The Belief side argues that all that is around us, even our own bodies are too marvelous to just be a remarkable coincidence or sheer luck of conditions being favorable. (the main argument I have heard at least)

The Disbelief side replies that just saying that there is a God does not even explain anything but only replaces one mystery of the origin/beginning of things by another mystery said to have not-zero(origin/beginning); This side will also say that there is at least proof of what they say: stuff like evolution and not the creation of human beings from dust or from “nothing”.

Some from the Belief side will then say that this means that there was intelligent design, where intelligent means that the design originates from a brilliant being, all-powerful and all-knowing.

This can and will very probably go on and on for a long time!

For my side, I think there is very possibly no solution to this debate. Maybe it has struck some of you but this may not even be a real debate; for example, if I say that trolls (mythological Scandinavian creature) do exist, many will say: of course not! But the point is if I ask anyone to prove that I’m wrong, no one really can. Note that by saying that they do exist, people can also ask me to prove that I’m right, but ultimately not being able to prove that I’m either right or wrong does not change things – I have just thrown some idea which will divide people into a pro and a con group.

Now in the case of the Belief vs. Disbelief debate, many religions do have lots of fail-safes such as blasphemy can make you go to hell so that when the idea is passed on, many won’t risk it. Note that in this case, God is said to have lots of attributes such as omnipresence, which will make the debate more difficult. If you could say that no one has ever seen a troll, you can’t use that argument here, though ultimately whether you are arguing for or against, you may just be arguing on nothing really.

Also, you may have noted that you can argue as much as you want, whether you believe or not your opinion is only that which satisfies your logic and thinking patterns, not a real objective fail-proof answer.

There is a real way of settling this debate though, wait for the ends of time! – Most religions and belief systems do forecast the return of God in those times.



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