Can you attract wealth with prosperity spells


You need a 7 Day BrainwashThe power of any magic is, of course, in the mind, and for prosperity spells to have any potency or noticeable effect, your mind will need to be very clear.

The desire to attract money is a strong one, and as a student and practitioner of the law of attraction I’d put forward the hypothesis that the spell achieves and enhances precisely that. Think of hypnosis where a subject can be made to believe, for example, that a raw onion is a tasty orange. Is this magic or proof that the mind has the ability to manipulate meaning including even our own senses?

Well, it could be perceived that way – it matters little what you call the power as long as it produces results. Prosperity spells, then, have the advantage of focussing the mind by use of rituals and incantations which are indeed very powerful tools.

The disadvantage of trying to attract wealth by use of a spell is that you have to believe in the power of the magic as well as the outcome, whereas to engage the law of attraction is, in a sense, to cut out the “middle man.” Then all that’s required is belief in the outcome – having more money come into your life.

Since humanity has been sentient, people have believed and understood that we can influence our circumstances and what, nowadays, is mostly considered the “outside world.” The notion of separation from externals is, however, surprisingly modern and by no means universal.

The power of belief is phenomenal and should not be underestimated. Whether we are speaking of magic or of hypnosis or indeed of miracles, all of which fall somewhere in the spectrum of producing results that cannot be explained by our conventional scientific understanding, prosperity spells should most certainly be considered a powerful tool in the creation and attracting of wealth.

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