Can you manifest money?


You need a 7 Day BrainwashHave you tried to manifest money lately? What did you do?

You probably visualized. You believed with all your heart and mind that money was coming to you. You may have closed your eyes and felt abundant. Perhaps you went so far as to test drive a luxury car or view a property that’s five times over your budget. (I’ve done those things and more in the past).

Did you manifest money?

I’m betting, (especially as you’re reading this), that you didn’t. And I’m not a betting man! Does this mean that the law of attraction doesn’t work then?

For a long time, I thought that must be the case. Surely I was doing everything the books, courses, website gurus and channelled wise ones were instructing me to? Either they were wrong or I was wrong. If they were the ones at fault – and I did consider that perhaps they were modern day “snake oil” sellers, then the law of attraction was just another myth put about to manipulate and cruelly hoax the masses.

And if I was wrong, what on earth did I have still to learn in order to manifest money? The frustration was overwhelming at times.

So I considered all the options. Now, try to imagine a world with no law of attraction. In that case everything would be just random. (You can’t have it both ways). You’d have animals with nineteen legs and the body of a cow and the head of a chicken, wouldn’t you? DNA isn’t random!

The world would spin the other way, or not at all some days. There’s just too much order in the universe for randomness to be considered. So if there’s order, I reasoned, and I’m a part of that, how much influence do I have over it? Surely, I’m something of a transmitter of ideas and information as well as a receiver of thoughts, dreams and yes, DNA instructions?

I decided, after much thought, that the gurus were right.

Which meant I was doing something wrong! But what?

To find out, I watched and listened to and read as many “naturally” successful people as I could find. I wanted to figure out what they had in common, and especially how they managed to manifest money seemingly on demand. I analysed and scrutinized and rubbed my eyes! Finally, the penny dropped. Talk about “hiding in plain sight!”

They weren’t DOING anything. They were simply BEING themselves – and their way of being drew success, attracted wealth, health and anything they desired – naturally.

The shift from doing to being was what enabled me to finally “get it.” Since we’re always “being” something, all we have to do is learn how to “be” something that attracts wealth! Astoundingly, we already know how to be a manifester. It’s like when you plan a trip or organize an event. You’re in a state of total certainty and confidence. You’re clear about your outcome and you have no doubts.


But when I started telling people that, they still thought that to manifest money there must be a “technique” or “trick” involved. But that’s “doing” again!

Now, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) happens to be something I’m trained in. And one of NLP’s finest tools is teaching you how to manage your “state” – which is another way of saying “how you are.” You can change your way of BEING on command, which in turn implies that you can learn to manifest money on demand!

You see, you can’t WORRY about money and still manifest money. It’s like driving with your foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. You’ll waste a lot of energy and get nowhere.

Now, do you suppose that you might be in the right state to manifest money if you weren’t worried and you knew how to banish negative thoughts – as a way of BEING?

You betcha! (Okay, you don’t bet either).

But I’m telling you, I hit something big here. Don’t DO, just BE. And then you’ll manifest money. I manifested over 8,100 in nine days doing this so I know it works.

Go get your money manifesting instructions from here … and do it now!

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