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You need a 7 Day BrainwashWho are your heroes? I just love people that live their dreams, don’t you? I just recently watched the wonderful Robin Williams film, “Patch Adams.” Dr. Patch Adams, in case you don’t know, (SEE this movie – it’s a must for anyone into positive living – and I promise I’m not working for commission!), believed in helping people to heal for free by teaching them to laugh, to feel again. He even helped people to die that way.

I’m saying it in the past tense, but Dr. Adams is still alive and his hospital exists. According to the credits, many doctors have quit their high paying practices to work with Dr. Adams.

Who has touched your heart with a dream they lived? It doesn’t have to be a Mother Teresa or even Patch Adams. How about Torvill and Dean, the ice skaters? Or Madonna?

Notice what thoughts come up when you think of such people. Are they, “Wow, one day that’ll be me!” type of thoughts, or do you find yourself saying, “Yeah, well they just had a lotta luck, and ordinary folk like me can’t do diddly squat.” Hmm, I wonder if Danny De Vito or Oprah Winfrey would agree with you there?

If you’re not living your dream, could you, would you entertain the possibility that it’s your thoughts that are holding you back – and nothing else?

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