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You need a 7 Day BrainwashNow that you know what you want, you need to write it down in the form of a statement of intention. If you read this intention at least twice daily, then this will help to fix it into your subconscious mind. However, you must write your intention in the correct way or it will not work. Don’t worry- it is quite simple when you have learned how!

In the movie The Secret’, we are advised to start our intentions with the words I am so happy and grateful now that ‘ so it is a good idea to do this. When filling in the rest of your intention statement, you need to write a description of what you want- as though you already have it. It must be in the present tense, e.g. I am’, I have’, I drive’ etc- not I will be’ or I will have’. This is very important, as stating your intentions in the present tense ensures that your thought vibrations will be in tune with you already having your desires, so they will be attracted into your life.

For example, if you want to lose 50lbs in weight to reduce your weight to 120lbs, state your intention as I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh 120lbs’. If you want to have more money, decide on the amount you would like to have and when you would like to have it by and state your intention to reflect this; I am so happy and grateful now that it is the end of the year and I have $10,000′.

Simple? Now, I am afraid that we are going to make things slightly harder. In order to make your intentions so much more powerful, we need to add more detail to them- details and descriptions which will make you feel good when you are reading them. As we have seen, the law of attraction doesn’t work on thoughts alone, but on the emotional energy given out with your thoughts. The more excited and great you feel about having your intention, the more emotionally charged and powerful the thoughts you are sending out to the universe.

So if we take our earlier examples, I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh 120lbs’ may become I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh 120lbs, have a shapely, well toned body and feel very fit. I know that I look good and am always receiving admiring glances and compliments’.

I am so happy and grateful now that it is the end of the year and I have $10,000′ may become I am so happy and grateful now that it is the end of the year and I have $10,000 and am able to have some great vacations, treat my family and friends and know that I am financially secure’.

If what you want is a new car or house, describe them in detail- what make, model and color is your car? What features will it have? How many bedrooms does your house have? Where is it? What features does it have that you particularly love?

The more detail you can add the better- reading your intentions should make you feel really excited and you should feel a warm inner glow- it should make you feel good! If it doesn’t then maybe you need to examine whether the intention is something you really want after all.

Once you have your intentions written out, you can either type them and print them out on quality paper or hand write them. Read them at least every morning and night, and as you are reading them imagine how it would feel if you had these things you want right now. You have to get into the feeling of having your desires now and stay in that feeling for as long as you possibly can. This is vitally important as this is what drives the emotions into your thoughts.

Involve all of your senses. Feel, really feel yourself holding the wheel of your new car. Smell the leather upholstery. Feel the sand between your bare toes as you walk along the beach on your dream holiday. Taste the exotic cocktails you will enjoy in the local bar. See that beautiful sunset. The more vividly you can imagine your intention, the more excited you can feel about having it, the more powerfully charged your thoughts will be. As you are feeling this, feel grateful to the universe for bringing these gifts into your life (even though you don’t actually have them yet). Let these feelings wash over you and stay in them for as long as you are able.

This may be difficult at first, and you may not be able to sustain it for more than a few seconds, but with practice it will get easier and you will be able to stay in the feeling place of having your desires for several minutes. Again, the longer you are able to maintain this, the more powerful the vibration you are sending to your subconscious mind and out to the universe.

Many people also write their intentions down on small cards so that they can carry them around with them. They make a habit of reading them several times each day.

Your intentions must always be stated in the positive- for example, you must state what you want rather than what you don’t want.

For example, if you state I am so happy and grateful I’m not disorganized anymore’ then the focus will be on the fact that you are disorganized. As we have seen, the law of attraction cannot understand words, only feelings, and reading an intention like this will focus your subconscious mind on the disorganization part- resulting in more disorganization being manifested!

A far better way of stating this intention would be something like I am so happy and grateful now that I am an organized person, with a structured routine and all my files and paper work are up to date’.

Mistakes like this are easy to spot, but others are not so obvious. For example, stating your intention as I am so happy and grateful now that I have lost weight’ may sound positive enough, but the law of attraction will focus on the weight’ part and you will end up manifesting more weight you need to lose! A similar mistake would be stating an intention as I am so happy and grateful now that I am out of debt’. Again, it sounds worthy, but the focus will be on the debt’ part and you will manifest more of the debt!

Far better intentions for the above examples would be I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh 120lbs’ and I am so happy and grateful now that I have $1,000 in my savings account and have more than enough money to cover my obligations’.

Also, be very careful about the wording of your goal. I heard of someone who wanted to manifest a new car, so he wrote out a great description of the exact make and model he wanted, and the features it had to have, but wrote his intention as I drive a brand new ‘ Several months later, he was offered a new company car. It was the exact car in his intentions, but of course it wasn’t actually his- although he was driving it. Had he wanted to own it he should have stated his intention as I own a brand new ‘

Have a play around with your intentions- make them positive and make sure you feel excited when you read them.

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