Develop a mindset of abundance


You need a 7 Day BrainwashOne key element of the law of attraction is developing a mindset of abundance rather than lack or scarcity. Too many people have a lack or scarcity mindset without even being aware of it. It’s easy to find out where your mindset lies; just become aware of your everyday actions and thoughts. For example, do you feel that if someone becomes rich, then the amount of money available for everyone else is diminished? Are you constantly thinking I can’t afford it’ when you see something you would like? If you and a colleague are both applying for a promotion, would you refuse to help him with a piece of work he is having difficulty with in case it jeopardizes your own chances? If so, you are focused on lack.

On the other hand, if you are generous with your time, and give freely without expecting anything in return, if you truly appreciate all that you have in your life, if you believe that there is enough of everything for every one out there, then you have an abundance mindset.

Why is it so important to develop a mindset of abundance? Because if your thoughts are coming from a mindset of scarcity and lack, then the negative vibrations they give out will only attract more scarcity and lack into your life. If your thoughts are coming from a mindset of abundance, they will be giving out positive vibrations which are not only in alignment with any desires you wish to manifest, but will also attract more abundance into your life; for example you may receive an unexpected sum of money, or a friend will do you a favor without being approached.

For the next week, make a note of your thoughts and actions and decide whether your mindset is one of lack or abundance. Another fun exercise is to make a mental note of your family and friend’s words and actions- it is amazing how many people have a lack and scarcity mindset without even being aware of it! For example, you may notice that a friend is constantly saying things such as I’ll never have any money’ and I’ll never be able to afford that’. Or if a collection went round at work she will avoid putting any money in, saying Why should I be expected to give when they earn more than me?’ if she sees anything on special offer at the store does she pile her shopping basket full so that there was very little left for anyone else?

This would be a classic example of someone with a lack based mindset, and someone like this probably has a lot of debt, and things may keep happening to cost her even more money; her car may break down regularly or she may need a lot of emergency dental work. Watching how some people speak and act will teach you a lot about mindset and how most people are on course to manifest lack into their lives.

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