Do you have energy drains?


You need a 7 Day BrainwashYou may think that you never have any time to do things but we are surrounded by energy drains and one of the biggest energy drains is simply sitting in front of the TV. Are you guilty of watching the TV mindlessly for hours on end? Do you have your set programs but then still end up watching programs that are of no interest?

Many people are guilty of doing just this and if it resonates with you, then make a conscious decision to map out your TV viewing for the week and to then turn the television off. A good way to see how much time you waste is to make a note of just how much time you spend in front of the box each week. You may be horrified.

Don’t forget there are people who are energy drainers too, if you consider those who are in your life and identify those that would appear to drain you of your energy, then try to limit the amount of time that you spend with them and you will find that you have more emotional clarity as well as additional energy.

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