Don’t say you when you mean I


You need a 7 Day BrainwashHow often do you use “you” when you mean “I”?

I’m intrigued when I hear the famous interviewed. They’ll happily talk about their latest movie, or the publication date of their next bestseller. But as soon as the interviewer puts them under scrutiny about the juicy stuff, they switch from “I” to “you”.

“Is it true you’ve filed for divorce from your nineteenth wife?”

“Well, when you’re rich and famous, you have to keep on the move, you know.”

There’s a detachment from the feelings and from responsibility in answers like that, don’t you think?

Catch yourself using “you” when you mean “I” and make the switch. Notice if it feels uncomfortable, and if it does ask yourself why. You can’t change an uncomfortable feeling until you own it, can I?

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