Eliminating your limiting beliefs


You need a 7 Day BrainwashSome beliefs are more easily cleared than others, and there are beliefs that you may not realize you even have. For example, you may desire more money and think that you believe you deserve it, but if deep down in your subconscious you think that money is evil because that is the message your parents gave you years ago, your subconscious will be pushing money away rather than attracting it to you.

Another example would be someone who is heavily overweight and who just can not lose weight no matter how hard she tries or how hard she visualizes being slim. Now suppose she had suffered a sexually related attack when she was quite young, and one day her doctor suggests that she is maintaining her present weight as she subconsciously feels that by being heavy she will not attract unwanted attention from men, which will save her from further potential abuse. Now that she understands this, she may choose to undergo a course of counseling to remove this belief from her subconscious and then go on to attain her ideal weight.

Some beliefs, such as the first example, are overcome by use of affirmations, whereas beliefs such as those in the second example may require outside assistance, such as counseling.

Try this exercise; for all areas of your life you want to change, read your intentions and note any resistance you feel. For example, when reading out your intention to earn more money, do you feel anxious or apprehensive in any way? If your intention doesn’t make you feel 100% great and excited then chances are you have a limiting belief that is going to get in the way- if you let it!

Write down any beliefs that you feel you hold or anything you can remember your family telling you. For example, did they say things like rich people are all a bunch of crooks’, we don’t have money but at least we are happy’, you’re meant to be big, the whole family’s big so it’s in your genes’? Write down whatever comes into your head- many people have been surprised by what they have discovered when doing this exercise.

Now, look at any belief statements you have written, and write down their exact opposite; for example, the belief rich people are all a bunch of crooks’ could become rich people are mostly very honest and generous people who contribute to society’ (this is true by the way!) You’re meant to be big’ can become I am meant to be the correct weight for my height and build and to be very healthy’.

Here are some more examples of limiting beliefs turned around;

I am not meant to be wealthy’ I am destined for great wealth’.

I am not smart enough to change my job’ I am smart enough to do any job I choose and to do it well’.

I will never lose weight’ I am choosing better habits and losing weight every day’.

I hate exercise’ I love exercising and how good it makes me feel’.

Once you have rewritten all of your limiting beliefs, you now have a new set of affirmations. Read these through at least twice daily, aloud if you can. As you read, really feel the meaning behind the words. This will help to replace those old limiting beliefs with new positive beliefs which will help you to manifest your desires.

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