Gemini and Pisces compatibility

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Pisces and Gemini compatibility

One can see a lot of excitement and initial attraction in the couple when Gemini and Pisces come together. Pisces is highly sensitive to the emotions and may find it difficult to communicate his/her overwhelmed feelings with the partner whereas Gemini is an effective communicator and does not let most of his emotions to impact communication.  The relationship is going to be beautiful if both the partners can work it out.  Gemini is open minded and Pisces emotionally aware. Pairing up of these two will have great potentiality for good friendship and relationship too.  Gemini is attracted to the quiet and calm nature Pisces whereas Pisces towards the social nature of Gemini.

Pisces easily get hurt with the Gemini’s harsh communication as they are emotionally sensitive. Gemini should be little careful while communicating with the emotional sensitive partner. The part of the relation is neither of them sees any reason to hold grudge and this is because Pisces tries to understand true intention of the partner  and Gemini don’t have any intentions to dwell over past. In fact, their resilience works. Well in boosting their relation. Both the partners have set their attitude to adjustments.

However, cons that cause harm to their relation are over emotional nature of Pisces and uncaring nature of Gemini. Pisces also demands more emotional stability in the relation than what is offered by Gemini. If the both the partners are ready for some adjustment in the relation and convince each other for the same, there is no reason why these two cannot settle down.

Gemini and Pisces friendship 

They are going to enjoy an empathic relation when Gemini and Pisces is going to form friendship.  Both the zodiac signs are dual nature. When both can understand duality of others they can form good Pisces is more sensitive, Gemini must be careful while talking. Even in the problem arising situations, both can handle it effectively because both have forgive and forget nature. On the whole, friendship relation between these two depends on understanding and sympathy.

Gemini man and Pisces woman

If you are looking for the compatibility between Gemini man and Pisces women, I would rather say it is not perfect because Gemini man has dual nature and his likes are prone to change with the passage of time. This is the main negative trait of Gemini that damages the compatibility between two. On the other hand Pisces women want emotional and caring nature that is never found in Gemini man. However, Pisces women can use persuasion power to settle the things.

Gemini woman and Pisces man

Gemini woman may be magnetized with passion of Pisces man. Problems may creep in their relation after a while.  Your man might find it difficult to express feelings where as women is known for her communication skills. Sometimes, harsh words of Gemini women can sensitive feelings of Pisces man. Relationship will be strengthened when Gemini women can shower her love which helps Pisces man to open up his feelings.

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