How Psychic Healing Fits into the 21st Century


More and more people are finding their own spirituality today, than ever in the past. Many are even turning to ancient philosophies and religions in order to find a spiritual link and even healing.

Proper Diagnosis is Very Necessary

In order for anyone to be healed, a proper diagnosis is absolutely necessary. We live in a world where medications are often the cause of more ailments than they can heal and even with all of our technology and expertise, people are still being misdiagnosed on a daily basis. People realize that technology and medicine have failed them and are turning back to nature and their faith in order to get healthy and stay healthy.

Religions and beliefs almost as old as mankind and from all over the world are now being sought out by those in need of spiritual guidance and healing, as well as, psychological and physical healing. Practices such as Reiki, Meditation, Visualization, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, among others are now gaining popularity all over the western world, where once people made a journey to holy places like Medjugorie or visited their local church and prayed for a healing or headed off the local Evangelists camps because more and more people are finding that through their own spirituality and faith, they can be healed.

In some way, spiritual, aka, psychic healing has been going on for centuries, even in the western world, many Native Americans and other Indigenous peoples have practiced it for centuries. It may have been masked under specific religions or rites, but it is as old as humans themselves, but one might wonder whether, in our technological age of the 21st century, whether we even need psychic healing. After all, we have all of the medical technology of the past generations combined with the best universities and graduate schools, hospitals, clinics, cell phones, computers, planes, trains and boats necessary to get medical help to anyone in minutes. We also have more diseases and more varieties of diseases than ever in the history of humankind.

Where there once was, Hepatitis, we now have Hepatitis, A, B, C and D; where Dementia was once considered Senility, we now have dozens of types of dementias, along with Alzheimer’s disease. We went from the flu to the Asian flu, Bird flu, to any number of flu-like viruses, each one getting stronger and stronger as it makes its’ way through millions of people each year.

Our governments and militaries work extra hard to develop harsher, more deadly strains of viruses and disease for use in germ warfare, as well as, contracting individual corporations and laboratories to aid them in the creation of these and it’s sad that too many of us fall victim to these strains when they escape from laboratories on the clothing of some lab worker or scientist or escaped rodent. In short, humans are intentionally breeding bigger, stronger germ weapons.

Many times, these man-made viruses are so new that even the best physicians and experts don’t know what to give us to help us heal; many are hospitalized or isolated in cold, lonely tens and rooms and end up being involuntary, human guinea pigs in order to find a cure. For some diseases, no cure has been found. This leaves people very uneasy and desperately searching for help in their healing from anywhere that they can find it.

Well, why not try psychic and spiritual healing when the experts fail?

After all, spiritual and psychic healing can be done in the comfort of your own home, either by yourself or with a partner. Many people prefer to go to a practitioner and there are plenty of good ones out there. There are also spas and spiritual treatment and rehabilitation centers where you can learn spiritual and psychic healing methods like, Tai-Chi, Lightwork therapy, LeShan, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Shen Healing, Dowsing, Bioenergy Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Color Therapy, Stone Therapy, and more, as well as getting help from professional practitioners.

Psychic healing or spiritual healing is a type of healing or therapy done by either an individual on themselves or someone else in order to benefit or heal another person. Sometimes, depending upon the method, there may even be 3 or 4 people assisting in the healing.

Psychic or spiritual healing usually begins with a diagnosis

Psychic or spiritual healing usually begins with a diagnosis, as does conventional, aka, modern medicine and treatments. Spiritual healers who can see the person’s energies or feel them, like Reiki, Auric or Chakra healers can actually tell from looking at or feeling a person’s energies exactly what is wrong with them. Sometimes they may employ another type of psychic reader or healer in order to get the best reading or confirm what is wrong and what can be done.

Some people prefer a type of healing initiated by simply prayer. They may join in a prayer group in order to get healed or help to request healing for someone else. Many times, prayer has been proven to be one of the best spiritual ways to heal and there are churches and believers everywhere. Often termed, faith healing, this has been seen to work over and over; sometimes by physicians or other medical practitioners. If prayer is powerful enough to heal a believer, then it’s a must in any century, including the 21st.

Psychic healing has a lot to do with faith, but also with our own spiritual energy.

Psychic and spiritual healers are very spiritually developed individuals, usually with other psychic or spiritual gifts. I’ve heard it said that the best healers are the ones who give the credit for their ability to God or a higher power. This is partly because it is from elsewhere, not from the individual body of the person doing the healing.

Psychic healers are a sort of “channel” through which the healing force, aka, the God force, is channeled to the individual who needs healing. Faith has a lot to do with the work because both the healer and the person being healed will reap the best results if they both believe that the patient deserves to be healed, that the force that created them wants them to be healed and that the healing process will be successful.

Everyone has an aura, a ring of energy around their bodies that is a type of electrical energy. Paracelsus, the father of modern medical science, believed in a, “Vital force, within and around a person like a luminous sphere.”

Famous healing Psychic, Edgar Cayce was able to diagnose and offer healing treatment suggestions in his readings and was known for his accuracy. He could tell the exact spot where a person had an illness and even what that illness was. Once diagnosed, he was able to psychically glean information involving the proper treatment for the individual who was diagnosed.

Psychic or spiritual healing may encompass gifts such as clairvoyance, by seeing the illness or its location, clairsentience, being empathic or feeling what someone else can feel or clairaudience, being able to diagnose by hearing the way various organs are working. The psychic who are sensitive or empathic may often feel exact pain or aches where the patient is diagnosed is feeling them, at the same time. Sometimes the psychic will feel it stronger or less strong than the patient, it seems to vary with individual gifts.

Color is actually an effect of light rays upon various other components. Auras have colors that can be seen by some individuals with the naked eye. Many times, these colors will reflect what is going on inside of the individual, their body and mind.

Some psychic healers will work with a person’s energy or auras in order to effect healing. Each color in the aura will signify something specific, as will other things in an aura. Red can be a sign of anger or rage, blue often shows up in an aura when a person is in a spiritual frame of mind, bright green or orange can reflect good health, and so on.

Other psychic healers work with a person’s energy fields, as well as, with their chakras or energy centers. Everyone has these chakras within their physical and spiritual bodies. Most of the time, the 7 major chakras are utilized in this form of healing work, sometimes the 7 minor or other small chakras will need work. There are people with the ability to see the chakras, as well as, their condition. Lightworkers often are able to effect repairs on chakras in order to help a person heal.

Reiki, Therapeutic Touch healers, Lightworkers, and more will utilize the energies of the aura and the chakras, as well as, a person’s, “Chi”, “Kundalini Energy”, otherwise known as, “Spiritual energies”.

In some cases, color therapy or the use of color can be utilized for healing, sometimes stones that coordinate with the colors of the human energy centers or chakras are laid upon the sick person’s chakras to help align and get the chakras spinning properly.

These Spiritual Energies lie coiled at the base of the spine. One side negative energy, the other positive energy; achieving a proper polarity of the human body is of prime importance when teaching a person to work with their own energies or helping them to heal. Wherever there is a balance; there is healing. When we are out of balance, when there is more negative energy than positive or visa-versa, there can be problems and illness.

As our spiritual energies arise up our spines, either by the intentional awakening of them or the unintentional awakening, they will pass through the chakras or energy centers. Raising our spiritual energy properly will result in good, healthy colored chakras that spin clockwise at a good, steady rate of spin.

We can learn, through various meditative techniques, to see our own chakras and adjust their color and rate of spin and to raise our spiritual energy from the base of our spines or our, “root” chakra, where it rests coiled like two snakes.

The challenges that people face in our technological era are seemingly insurmountable, but good health can go a long way towards helping us to live a happy and vital life. Spiritual healing is also a way to slow down for a brief period and reflect; to take the opportunity to get to know our own bodies and minds. That is something that many of us just take for granted, all too often and it has taken its’ toll on our bodies, minds, and even our capacity to retain any faith, period.

For centuries, many cultures believed that in order to be whole and healthy, one had to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. More people are finding this to be true today, as well, and are engaging in practices like prayer, meditation, yoga, among other spiritual practices.

Shaman, Holy people, Yogi’s, etc., have been able to defy the odds for centuries and the western world has often been stymied by their remarkable abilities. Some Yogi’s have been able to almost stop their own hearts and start them beating again, simply by the use of meditation techniques.

Shamanic Healers

Shamanic healers know that our spiritual energies can interact with the earth and those of various animals, trees, plants, and herbs in order to effect overall healing. It’s the knowledge that human beings, as well as, all living beings, once just intuitively knew, but we have gotten away from this intuitiveness; our God-given connection with all of life. Our reliance on our physical technologies, our chemically-altered drugs and our modern way of life has gotten in the way of our spiritual paths. People are realizing that this doesn’t work and leads to the chaotic world that we live in today.

Desperate people, those who have tried all of the known medical ways to heal and are still sick, still disabled or still searching for something to help them are those who are willing to go the extra miles in order to find anything that will work and help them to heal. Many are indeed finding it in spiritual and psychic healing techniques and practices.

Some of these practices are found in today’s “Integrative Medicine”, “Holistic” and other “Alternative” types of medicine. Many doctors are becoming more open to the practice of “Integrative Medicine” and are willing to work with whatever helps their patients.

Human beings have kept closed minds for too long, relying only on science and the proven methods, but they have ignored some, centuries-old, proven methods that many cultures never abandoned. The western world is now learning to open its collective mind to the possibilities of spiritual and psychic healing and is finding that, in many cases, it works where conventional or traditional medicine has failed.

Alternative and Spiritual healing and training centers, with degreed, in some cases, licensed physicians, therapists, and healers work with you to help you heal or can train you to heal yourself.

Perhaps it’s because of the failure of traditional medicine to help us achieve and keep our good health, perhaps it’s as some people say, “we are simply looking back to our origins in order to find truths we have lost along the way”. The fact remains that spiritual healing does have a place in the 21st century for many people who have been let down by other methods or who simply believe that there is a better way to achieve optimum health. It will probably always have a place; as long as there are human beings who have plenty of faith.

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