How to develop a mindset of abundance


You need a 7 Day BrainwashOnce you are aware of your thoughts and actions, you will find it easier to change them.

Learn to recognize the abundance you have in your life right now, whilst expecting more abundance in the future.

Watch your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking I can’t afford it’ then turn it around and think How can I afford it?’ This will encourage your subconscious mind to explore possibilities of creating more wealth. If you are of the opinion that there is only so much money to go around, and if somebody is rich then there is less money available for everyone else, realize that there is enough for everyone; the law of attraction is one of unlimited supply. If more people start manifesting wealth, the universe will simply create more wealth.

Start giving without expecting to receive anything in return. I don’t necessarily mean money, although it may be an idea to set up a regular donation to a chosen charity. Be generous with your time; go out of your way to help colleagues if you can, spend some time with family teaching them a skill you have, offer to mow the grass for an elderly neighbor. Some call this tithing’, but I tend to dislike this phrase, as I feel that it has associations with paying something as an obligation (people used to be obliged to tithe a part of their income to the church or landowner whether they chose to or not!) I prefer to think of it as Paying it forwards’.

However it is important that this is done in the right way; if you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to say no’, then you will find yourself doing things with an air of resentment. This is not an abundance mindset- you need to give freely and willingly.

You will start to find that what you give makes its way back into your life; you will find that people will go out of their way to help you, money will flow to you and when you need help there will always be someone there to give you the assistance you need.

Don’t give expecting something in return, or think right, I’ve given this amount to charity, when’s more money going to arrive in my bank account?’ It doesn’t work like this- you need to give freely and without expectation of return first. I read a quote recently which sums it all up quite neatly;

There was a man, they thought him mad; the more he gave, the more he had’.

Some people feel a sense of outrage when they read of wealthy people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new car, or $5,000 a night on a hotel room. They feel that it is wrong to be so extravagant, especially when so many people in the world are starving. If this is you, then you are assuming that there is only a finite amount of money in the world, and that it is not possible to pay out huge sums of money on a car AND give generously to charity. The fact is, some people manage to generate these sums of money very quickly and easily, and most of the world’s richest people are also the most generous, many giving huge sums to charity each year.

If the idea of becoming rich still makes you feel uncomfortable, consider this; the more you get, the more you can give. Imagine, for example, that you earn $15,000 a year and decide to give 10% of your income to charity. This means that you would donate $1,500 each year- not a bad sum.

Now imagine you are earning $150,000 per year and still give 10%; now your yearly donation is a whopping $15,000- which sum do you think would make the most difference?

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