How to Win the Heart of A Taurus Man with 7 Simple Tricks


Every girl deserves to land the man of her dreams and have her happily ever after. If you know you’ve found the guy that you want to be yours forever, and he’s a Taurus, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you seven simple tricks to win the heart of your Taurus man. These tricks are foolproof and have lasted the test of time.

Make sure that this is definitely the man you want to be with forever though because they are very powerful and he will become attracted to you and want you as a long-term partner in his life if you use these properly. Take notes, bookmark this page and feel free to come back to it if you need to. Here are the 7 simple tricks that make a Taurus man fall in love.

1) Be flexible and generous.

Your Taurus guy will always be the first to offer a helping hand. This may mean more weekends moving friends, lending his truck to a cause or helping a family member with renovations than you’d like. The first trick is to show him that you are willing to share in his generosity. Always offer to help out too and never interfere with his plans to help out others. He will see this as selfish and may rethink what he saw in you in the first place. Also, be ready to change plans if he gets a call from a friend or family member who needs support.

2) Be reliable and expect the same from your man.

Don’t underestimate him. Taurus men are known for being extremely reliable and expect the same from their close friends and especially their dates. If you have a date at a certain time, be there early. If he makes plans, don’t change them last minute. His sign is one that will not take last-minute changes will. You could offend him and even worse, turn him off completely.

3) Try to avoid confrontations with your Taurus man.

If he has an opinion and you don’t agree, the best path to take is to understand that you’ll just have to have different opinions. To seduce a Taurus man you have to let him have his own views. He is extremely stubborn and won’t listen to reason. Getting into what could seem like a harmless debate or discussion could turn into a fight that will leave him feeling offended, angry and not interested in anything you have to say. Let differing opinions be. If you can’t agree to disagree you may have to find yourself another guy.

4) Taurus men are very possessive.

If you want to keep his attention, make sure he knows you aren’t seeing anyone else. He will notice right away if you talk to other men, even if they are just friends. You need to make it crystal clear when you’re with your Taurus guy that you’re his and his alone. This can mean that your Taurus guy can get jealous. All you need to do is to make sure you reassure him and show him that there is no way you are with anyone else.

5) If you want Taurus to do something, make it seem like it’s his idea.

Your man won’t do well with direction, but if he believes that the idea is his, he will be all about finishing the job and doing it to the best of his ability. When it comes to planning dates, cleaning up even initiating sex, let your Taurus man lead and you won’t be disappointed. Due to their reliable nature, once your Taurus man gets an idea in his head, he’ll want to impress you with how well he executes his plan.

6) Be honest with him about your needs.

Once you’ve hooked your Taurus man, he will go to the end of the world to make you happy. Your job will be to make sure he knows what you need. Set the tone from the beginning and tell him exactly what kind of dates you like to go on. His sign is known for persistence. If he doesn’t get it quite right the first time, don’t worry, he will take criticism well, and try even harder to get it right the second time. Knowing that your guy is extremely driven to get things right is another extremely valuable tool you can use to seduce him and make him yours forever.

7) Taurus men fear relationships with controlling women.

If you fit into this category you need to back off in order to attract the man of your dreams. Independence is extremely important to this astrological sign and they will react strongly to anything that seems like it takes away their freedom. The best way to show your guy that you have no intention of trapping him is by having your own life and keeping it separate from your relationship. Make sure you go out with friends, make plans, and be busy. He needs to have a chance to miss you. Making yourself unavailable will show him that he’s not the only thing on your agenda and will reassure him that you’ll make a strong independent partner long term.

With these 7 tips to win the heart of a Taurus man, you’re well on your way to understanding how the man of your dreams works. Use these tricks carefully and make sure you spend the time reading those Taurus signs to make sure you aren’t pushing away your man. Seduce your Taurus man and make sure you come back for more great secrets to make sure you win his heart forever.

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