It isn’t what you have, it’s the way you have it


You need a 7 Day BrainwashG’day! Another day of life begins, isn’t that wonderful?

What do you mean, you don’t think it’s so great? Do you realize, it matters not one bit if you’re rich or poor, abundance is a feeling. Even billionaires are poor if they want more than they have, yet a poor person can be feel wealthy by simply having a few pennies more than they need today.

I once heard of a man who spent his life living on the streets of Calcutta. He owned nothing but the rags he slept in. Each day, he would be given a supply of tiny wooden sticks, a pot of dark goo, and a metal tray. He would dip the sticks into the goo, and leave them on the tray to dry. He was making matches. Throughout the day, people would come by and buy his matches. By evening he would have just enough money for a hot meal and a drink. Then he would go back to his place on the street, and sleep curled up in his rags. Every day he would go through the same routine.

One day, a visiting American journalist interviewed this man. To his amazement, he found him just as knowledgeable about world affairs as himself, not to mention multi-lingual. Astonished, the journalist asked, “Why don’t you travel to the West? You could get a good job, and earn a great deal of money.”

The little Indian looked at him quizzically. “What for?” he asked. “I have everything I need here. The world comes to me. I have enough to eat and a place to sleep, and I provide a service people need.”

The journalist was stumped. “But what if one day you didn’t make enough money for your meal?” he enquired.

“Then I’d be hungry.”

“And if that happened day after day?” The journalist was perplexed.

“Then I would die,” said the match-maker. “One day I shall die anyway. I think you are the one with the problems.”

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