Jasper Microcrystalline Quartz That Makes Up This March Birthstone

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Jasper is the lesser known of the two March birthstones found on the traditional birthstone list. It is a cloudy gemstone that often has a spotted, stripped or multicolored appearance, hence the Greek form of the word jasper which means “spotted stone.” Many of us recognize jasper by the veining and marbling effect that appears so often in these March birthstones. Jasper also is not limited to one color and comes in all colors.

So what is it exactly that gives the jasper its unique appearance? The patterns that give this March birthstone its distinct appearance comes from foreign material that forms and consolidates during the flow and deposition of volcanic ash or silica-rich sediments. There have been cases where jasper has grown together with opal and agate as well. After deposition, silica materials naturally have cracks and fissures that lend themselves to being filled with other minerals such as manganese dioxide, iron oxide, metal oxide and the odd share of organic matter as well. Once these materials settle, the final substance is jasper with a specific appearance that is determined by the joining of these materials.

This March gemstone is ideal for ornamental carvings and stone mosaics and can also be cut into various shapes such as pears, trillions, cushions, hearts, ovals and many other shapes too. The reason for the ability to be cut and carved is due to jasper being available in large sizes which allows for these kinds of shaping, cutting and carving. There are also different varieties of jasper namely, orbicular jasper, ribbon jasper and picture jasper. Picture jasper is brown in color and is unique in the way landscape pictures are formed by nature itself. Orbicular jasper is also formed by nature and displays orb shaped inclusions within the March gemstone making it a fascinating gemstones overall.

There are a large number of other commercial names for jasper that all depend on the source from where the jasper originates. Some of these include poppy-patterned, ocean jasper, kinradite, Owyhee jasper and oregonite. With so much variety in color and origin makes for a large choice open to a purchaser when shopping for this particular March gemstone. As far as symbolism is concerned, red jasper symbolizes the blood of the earth and is often used as a calming stone. From India, we have the Dalmatian jasper that is spotted like the Dalmatian dog. It is said to have the ability to soothe and calm animals when scared or hurt and is sometimes used by those in the Veterinary field for that specific purpose. Mookaite jasper, on the other hand, is said to be used for the slowing down of the ageing process. The way it is supposed to work is by changing your internal beliefs with regards to the ageing process.

Despite what you may or may not believe, jasper is remarkable in its own right, is the March birthstone and is a gemstone like no other. Variety is the spice of life so shop on and add this March gemstone to your collection just because you can.

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