June Birthstone Moonstone

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The moonstone is a gem of lovers and psychics, with its moonlit cast and array of colors. The gem is sacred in India and is said to connect mind and heart.

Moonstone is the most magical looking of gemstones, with its changing colors and the moonshine glow that shimmers across its surface. Moonstones are considered one of the birthstones for the month of June (the others are pearl and alexandrite) and for the astrology sign Cancer.

Adularescent Moonstone

Moonstone is a semi-precious gem and can be composed of either adularia or oligoclase. Both are part of the class of minerals known as feldspar – the minerals that makeup 60% of the Earth’s crust. In either case, the moonstone must be clear, with a milky white or blue sheen, and will usually include other colors.

The amazing shimmer that makes the moonstone such a rarity has its own name – “adularescence.” Adularescence is an optical effect created by the stacked layers of feldspar that make up a moonstone. When light reaches these crystalline layers, it scatters, producing the characteristic glow and play of colors. This effect, known as “shiller” or “schiller,” can only be fully appreciated once the gemstone has been cut and polished.

Moonstones are generally clear or whitish, with hints of blue, black, green, yellow, pink, grey, orange, red, or brown and a white or blue shiller.

Moonstones in History and Myth

Moonstones have been revered in many cultures. Their moonlike glow has led to connections with the moon and all that it stands for – peace, femininity, and emotions. Moonstone is sometimes called “selenite” after the Greek “Selene” meaning moon.

In the Middle Ages, moonstone was believed to be connected with the planets Neptune and Venus and was prized for its esoteric and healing powers.

Yet the moonstone’s real peak of popularity was over a century ago. The masters of Art Nouveau prized the glowing gemstone, and it can be found in museums and jewelry collections of that period.

Moonstone is still revered in India as a sacred stone. Arab women often wear moonstone hidden or sewn inside their clothing to bring them fertility.

Magical Significance and Powers of the Moonstone

Like most gemstones, moonstone has been attributed with a long list of healing and magical powers. Moonstones are said to:

  • bring good luck
  • ensure everlasting love and passion
  • bring calmness and awareness in meditation or to a wearer
  • rejuvenate vital energies
  • enhance intuition
  • soothe and balance the emotions
  • aid in processing and accepting feelings instead of burying them
  • connects conscious and subconscious processes
  • support fertility, balance hormones, and ease the menstrual cycle
  • balance heart and mind
  • support reasoning and productivity while under emotional stress
  • heal headaches and back pain

Although its powers and qualities seem mostly female in orientation, the moonstone is said to be powerful in connecting men and women with intuitive, holistic ways of being.

Moonstone Gems in Jewelry

Moonstones are a beautiful highlight in jewelry, drawing the eye, and enhancing any setting or ensemble. Moonstones are almost always cut in cabochon or round shapes to show off the play of light and colors within the gem. These may be half-spheres, teardrops, or other rounded shapes.

The moonstone is popular in earrings, fashion rings, and pendants and may be associated with the 13th wedding anniversary.

Moonstones were originally mined in Sri Lanka, and these are still the finest moonstones available, with remarkable clarity and a blue sheen. The gems have also been found in Brazil, the European Alps, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Tanzania, and the United States.


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