Law Of Attraction


You need a 7 Day BrainwashDo you think the law of gravity cares whether it’s an apple, a feather or a lump of granite that’s falling to the ground?

Of course not! The law of gravity works regardless of what it’s attracting.

The law of attraction is similarly neutral, but you possibly are not. At least not when it comes to attracting money.

Money, it seems has many of us tied in emotional knots. “A Course In Miracles” says it loud and clear: “The Universe has no order of difficulty in miracles.”

What this means is that any difficulty we may experience in figuring out how to manifest money lies in us, not in the money itself. So if you want to discover how to use the law of attraction for money you’d better first get clear about what you believe about money to begin with.

You’ve probably heard or read elsewhere that there are commonly held beliefs about money which are said to keep the manifester and wealth apart. For example, that “money is the root of all evil.” Another common belief is that if one person has a lot of money then someone else is going short – the idea that there isn’t enough money to go around.

You should certainly have a frank conversation with yourself to discover if you are harbouring such nonsensical ideas. But an area often overlooked by those teaching how to use the law of attraction for money is your own sense of worthiness.

If you were asked, “How much are you worth? Are you being paid the right amount, less or more than you deserve right now?” – what would you say? The question may make you squirm, and if it does, take note! You’ve just hit a great truth about yourself. The follow-up question, of course, would be: “How much should you be paid?”

The key to understanding how to use the law of attraction for money is this: If you are struggling to make ends meet, don’t try to imagine yourself a billionaire overnight. The images might feel good, but when the wealth doesn’t show up in the morning, the resulting disappointment and disbelief undoes any wealth attraction you may have started!

To really use the law of attraction for money, play in your mind with various figures and notice your comfort zone. Can you imagine receiving ten thousand dollars or pounds tomorrow? How about manifesting a thousand? Still far fetched? Could you see yourself receiving a hundred?

Go with that. Stretch yourself a little, but not too far or you’ll simply give up trying to use the law of attraction for money at all, and then you’ll probably manifest more hardship.

Remember too, to be grateful for whatever does show up. Finding a penny in the street is still a manifestation of money and you’re on your way.

Finally, a word about worry. Wherever you are financially right now, worry won’t solve it. Negativity will only bring you down further. Dig deep and find your inner resourcefulness and creativity, and money will soon start manifesting again. However desperate things may get, this too will pass!

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