March Birthstone Aquamarine

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Aquamarine, a form of beryl, was believed to have been found in a mermaid’s treasure chest, giving good luck to sailors. Today it is a favorite of newlyweds & designers.

With a long history of legend and myth that links it to the sea, the semi-precious stone aquamarine has been worn by royalty as far back as Ancient Egypt and earned a place in the legends of Greece and Rome. Today, it is the official gemstone for birthdays in March and is almost as popular in fashion jewelry and engagement rings as the classic ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

Sea-Blue Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the clear blue form of the gemstone beryl – a mineral that naturally occurs in many colors, one of which is the green emerald. Its very name speaks of its color – “aqua” means water and “marine” refers to the sea.

Aquamarines are clear, with few inclusions, and occur in a variety of shades and hues from clear pastel blue to a deep blue-green or dark blue like the clouded sea. Darker aquamarines are sought after and are usually the most costly.

Mythological Origins of the Aquamarine

Ancient legends claim that the aquamarine was found in a mermaid’s treasure trove and was blessed by the god of the sea. It was treasured by sailors and travelers for its supposed ability to protect them on long voyages. The stone was said to gain its power from being immersed in bright, sunlit water. The aquamarine is also linked with youthfulness, purity, hope, and harmony.

Magical Significance and Powers Ascribed to Aquamarine

Like most gemstones, aquamarine has been attributed with a long list of healing and magical powers. Aquamarines are said to:

  • give strength and courage
  • bless sea voyages
  • help marriages to flourish
  • bring wealth and happiness
  • protect from the devil
  • heal land
  • strengthen the aura
  • restore youthfulness
  • heal eyesight, breathing problems, seasickness, and hiccups
  • promote trust, peace, sympathy, and kindness

The aquamarine is used in meditation to awaken the pineal gland and activate higher consciousness and balance.

The Aquamarine in History

The Ancient Egyptians wore aquamarines to protect their vital energy, carving the stones into the form of animals. The Romans used the gemstone as a cure for laziness, evil, and a handful of physical ailments, including vision: Emperor Nero is said to have used aquamarines as a visual aid, long before the invention of eyeglasses.

The gemstone has always been popular with monarchs and the wealthy, but North America didn’t take notice of the aquamarine until an exquisite heart-shaped stone was presented to Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter, at her wedding in 1906.

Aquamarine Gemstones in Jewelry

The aquamarine is a popular choice in modern jewelry and a favorite of designers for its hardness, clarity, and delicate color. The aquamarine makes a stunning choice in settings with diamonds and other light stones. It is equally striking when set against black pearls, onyx, or other dark gemstones.

The symbolism and history of the aquamarine make it a perfect choice for an alternative engagement ring. Its color flatters most skin tones so it is often worn in large pendants and earrings. In addition to being the birthstone for March, aquamarine is the traditional gemstone for 19th wedding anniversaries.

Aquamarine was originally mined in Madagascar, but today sources of aquamarine are found in the United States, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia, China, and elsewhere in the world. Most of the finest aquamarines in jewelry come from Brazil and Mozambique.

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