Ruby Red Gems To Quicken The Heart


Color Of Rubies

July Birthstone Ruby 4The color red has been the color of love dating back to the days of St. Valentine thus making the Ruby and ideal gift as the birthstone for the month of July. The red garnet and red spinel were also classified as rubies until 1800 when Ruby and sapphire were recognized as belonging to the corundum group. This magnificent red gemstone derives its name from the Latin word “rubens” and is the second hardest mineral. It is by no means as hard as a diamond and extra care needs to be taken when cutting a ruby because it tends to be brittle. Chrome is responsible for giving the ruby its color with the “pigeon’s blood” being the most desirable color. Some rubies have brownish tones and this is due to the fact that iron is also then present in the gem. When you first catch sight of an uncut ruby, it appears to be rather dull and pinkish but once it has been cut and polished, it has a luster similar to that of the diamond.

Selecting A Ruby

When selecting a ruby for your loved one, you should look for ones that are “pigeon red”. This means that your ruby will be brilliant red with hints of purple in it as well. Color is extremely important to the value of ruby and high-quality rubies are very rare. The color red gives a sense of warmth, comfort, and of course, inspires love making this an ideal gift for anyone, any time of the year and not necessarily only as of the birthstone of July. It is this warm characteristic that attracts so many with some people believing that it exudes power. It is no wonder that the ruby is often considered to be the King of the gems.

Origin And Interesting Facts

India is said to be the country of origin for this regal gem and many Indian rulers wore rubies in their adornments. India is not the only country to hold its rubies in high esteem. At the coronation of Queen Victoria she wore the famous Imperial State Crown. This crown is not only famous for having the Cullinan diamond set into it but also has the magnificent Black Prince’s ruby set into it as well. The Black Prince’s ruby is approximately the size of a chicken egg and weighs around 170 carats. Another interesting fact is that this particular ruby is also one of the oldest of the crown jewels and was given to Edward of Woodstock, otherwise known as the “Black Prince” in 1367.

Bring Out The Passion

The fiery red of the ruby is evident of the passion that is often felt by both the giver of this gem as well as the recipient of a ruby. Not only is it a symbol of passion but of life since the color of blood is red and blood equals life. So in giving a ruby as the July birthstone, you are giving a symbol of passion and life which ultimately is symbolic of your love.

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