Scripting your life


You need a 7 Day BrainwashScripting is a really powerful tool in your law of attraction armory. It involves writing down an experience you would like to happen in the way you want it to happen.

You are quite literally writing the script for your life. When you are writing, your attention is focused on your desires and you should feel excited about them; you will be sending out pretty powerful thought vibrations which will manifest them into your life.

Purchase a good quality note book which you will enjoy writing in- you may want to use a quality pen as well. Writing in your scripting book should feel like a special experience.

Think about your desires and write them down in as much detail as you can. Script your ideal day; for example I wake up naturally in my comfortable bed, and lie there, savoring the sunlight streaming through the blinds. It is the start of another great day.

I stand under my power shower, allowing the warm water to wash over me and gently refresh me, before heading downstairs for a leisurely breakfast- it is a lovely sunny day so I think I will eat it on the veranda.

When I am ready, I pour myself a fresh cup of coffee and switch on my lap top, ready to start work. I open up my emails and notice to my delight that I have had several orders come in overnight and now have several hundred dollars in my bank account already. I close my eyes and feel appreciation for this income, and imagine the holiday I am going to treat myself to ‘

Here is another example; I look into the mirror at my 120lb body, and notice how toned I look. I flex my arm and note how the muscle gently bulges outwards. I admire my trim, shapely figure as I gently twirl. I put on the new dress I treated myself to and am amazed at how good I look in it.

As I go through the day, I have boundless energy and feel able to cope with anything. I feel fit and bursting with health, and naturally choose healthy, nutritious foods.’

This will feel strange at first, especially if you are not used to writing, but give it a try- nobody else is going to see it. It should become easier the more you do it.

Scripting can also be used for a certain event or situation you want to go well, for example a work interview or presentation. Many athletes have successfully used scripting to determine the outcome of a race. Use your scripting journal to describe in detail the outcome of the event as you would like it to happen; for example, if it is a job interview, you might describe the feeling of calm confidence as you walk into the room, answering all questions fully and the looks of respect and admiration on the faces of the interview panel. You may even describe how you manage to make them laugh and break the ice, and then describe the feeling of opening a letter or receiving a phone call which has offered you the job.

An athlete preparing for a race may write in detail how calm and confident they felt before the race, how powerful their limbs felt during the event, how everything seemed to come together and the feeling when they crossed the line in first place.

Whatever you script, make it as detailed as possible; picture it as you are writing and bring all your senses into play to describe taste, sounds, sights and smells. Every time you read it you should feel a warm tingle of excitement and anticipation.

Make a point of reading your scripts regularly, and as you do so bask in the feelings they give you. Writing scripts is actually a form of visualization, which we will look at next.

My personal preference is to purchase a good quality blank notebook, where I write down my statement of intentions and my scripts. I also find images relating to my goal and place them in my book. This works for me as all of my information is on hand in one place, and I can carry the book around easily. I treat it with a certain reverence, like the precious document it is- if this is something you want to try, buy the best quality notebook you can afford or one which really means something to you, so that the act of using it feels like something special.

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