Seduce your Aries Man Using These 5 Secret Tips


If you’ve fallen for an Aries man, then you’ve fallen hard

Aries men are the king of all signs. They demand attention and love being the best at everything they do. You’ve fallen for a guy that comes from a line of famous man’s men. They are also known for seducing women without even trying. Here’s the good news: if you know you and your Aries man are meant to be together forever, there is hope. These 5 secret tips will show you what you need to know about your Aries man, and how to use that information to make him fall in love with you. He will never look another woman’s way again, and you’ll have him hooked.

The best way to get to an Aries man is by understanding his personality and using that information to seduce him. An Aries man needs to feel like he is always in control, and that every idea is his idea. If you can use these tips to make it seem like he’s won you over instead of the other way around, you’ll have the upper hand. Don’t spend any more time worrying about the next time you see him. With this guide, you can start planning on making him yours starting today.

1) An Aries man is a hunter

You’ll need to make sure you nurse his hunting instinct and let him come after you, not the other way around. Don’t come on strong or ask him out on a date, you’ll push him away and turn him off. He wants to chase you and loves to be challenged. This means you can’t be easy. If you let him sleep with you right away, or take you out on a date too soon, he’ll quickly become bored and start looking for someone else. If you can control the first encounter, you want to show up to the party, look amazing, have a conversation with him that challenges him,  and leave very quickly while you’re still fresh in his mind. You want him to think of you long after you’ve gone.

2) Keep him interested

Aries men need all of their senses firing when you’re around if they’re going to remember who you are. The important lesson to learn from this secret is to make sure you always have his full attention and are stimulating as many senses as possible. Get him talking about something he gets passionate about. Have a discussion with him, your Aries man will love to be challenged. Don’t embarrass him or one-up him though, just keep the conversation fast-paced, and show him you can hold your own. Dress to the nines. You want to catch his attention visually as well. Aries men are not shy and they like women that are strong individuals and have a great sense of style. Don’t be afraid to dress boldly around your guy. He’ll appreciate the courage it took and take notice. Also, have a signature perfume you wear whenever he’s around. He’ll start to associate that smell with you and every time he smells it on another woman, you’ll be on his mind.

3) Be exciting!

This is one more secret way you can capture your man’s attention and keep an Aries for good. This sign is one that loves excitement and adventure. Drop the traditional date for something active and even a little bit competitive. If you want to seduce an Aries man, you’ll want to show him you can be a great friend as well as a romantic partner. Share your favorite sport with him, go hiking, or even take on an arcade and duel each other at foosball or shooting games. He will love that you can just hang out like one of the boys. It is very important to remember that the Aries man is very proud. So make sure that when you do get competitive, put up a good fight, challenge him, keep the challenge up as long as possible, but always let him win. Aries men take their wins very seriously, and most will take a loss to a potential partner to heart!

4) Don’t try to tie him down

As a strong sign that values independence, he needs to know right from that start that you have no intention of taking away his freedom. If you lead with the information that you’re not trying to change his life, remove his ability to explore and come and go as he pleases, he will value you in his life much more and reward your understanding greatly. An Aries man will be extremely turned off by a controlling woman or even someone that seems like they could be manipulative. Make sure that you keep this in mind and step off if you see yourself becoming too involved. If you are in a relationship with an Aries man, expect him to be committed. He won’t need to be controlled. He will be loyal, faithful, and extremely romantic.

5) Don’t give up

Aries men are horrible at reading between the lines. If you’re interested in him, make sure he knows and that you’re very clear about your intentions. Don’t make it easy for him to get you, as he does need to play out his instinctive hunter’s nature- but don’t beat around the bush. Being forward is important. The best approach to seduce an Aries man is to flirt with him really hard in the forest a few minutes of running into him, and then walking away and waiting for him to come to you. He needs to chase you as much as he needs you to be clear about your intentions with him.

If you follow these secret tips carefully, your Aries man will fall in love with you in no time. Make sure you study these lessons and make sure you don’t make any mistakes and put a relationship with the man of your dreams at risk. Now that you know how the deal, an Aries man can be yours.

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