Taurus as a friend with Sagittarius

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Even though quite different, Taurus and Sagittarius make the best of friends and make an amazing combination because they have many character traits which are quite complimenting to each other. Taurus and Sagittarius are quite different human beings with a very different outlook and approach towards life. Taurus people are quiet, patient and serious people while Sagittarians are bold, exciting and straight forward people.

Though there is enough to learn and share as Taurus can teach patience and a Sagittarian friend can teach how to live life with fun and pursue new things, it is usually difficult to get consistency in the start of their friendship. Since Taurus are calm people they may sometimes find the bold and bubbly nature of Sagittarius to be very annoying sometimes and this may lead to misunderstandings, arguments or minor fights between them while chances are also that Sagittarius may find the calm and composed nature of Taurus to be boring sometimes.

There are frequently some differences arising between Taurus and Sagittarius, but still, they can have amazing bonding with some patience and tolerance. Friendship can be very exciting between these two and similarly, they love the bonding of brotherhood or friendship. They are very understanding and co-operative to each other and help each other to find something new in life which could make their life more interesting. Although Taurus can get easily frustrated but their practical and composed nature does not allow for such feelings to arise in their friendship.

One more thing that goes beyond the tolerance of Taurus is the lavish or kingly attitude of Sagittarius. Even though they both the friends strive hard to make money, Sagittarians spend it equally fast and this is not acceptable and kind of reckless for Taurus. Both these sun signs are very loyal and trustworthy in nature and it is this quality which may help them to strengthen their bond into a long-lasting and loyal friendship.

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