The Gorgeous September Birthstones

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Blue is one of the most popular colors as far as gemstones are concerned. The topaz, turquoise, tanzanite, lapis lazuli and aquamarine are all blue stones while the zircon although not a natural blue, it turns blue when treated with heat. The Sapphire, as the September birthstone, is the most sought after of the blue stones and has a variety of blue hues varying from light blue to a very dark greenish-blue to a violet-blue. The sapphire is a gem of high value and many royals have used sapphires as part of their adornments over the centuries.

Sapphire is from the mineral group corundum and is composed of aluminum oxide. The blue colors are a result of the titanium and iron substitutions that occur in the aluminum oxide crystal lattice. Asterisms or point stars, namely 3-point or 6-point stars, are present in some sapphires and when sapphires are cut into cabochons, they are cut to display the effect of these stars to maximum effect. What makes the sapphire such a splendid gemstone is the high amounts of refraction that is found within the gemstones. The more intense the blue color, the more desirable they become. The most valuable of the blue colors is the Kashmir Sapphire or the Cornflower blue Sapphire.

Sapphires also come in a variety of colors so you are not bound to choosing blue as far as this beautiful September birthstone goes. The assortment of colors crosses the full spectrum including white and black with the rarest color being orange-pink padparadschah. Another sought after sapphire is the exotic sapphire known as the color-change sapphire. As its name describes, it literally changes color from blue in natural light to violet under artificial light, yet another reason why the sapphire is so special and sought after as the September birthstone.

Lapis Lazuli is the traditional gemstone listed as the September birthstone. Also a blue stone, it almost appears magical with its gold flecks of pyrite within it. This gemstone was particularly popular amongst the Romans, Greeks, Egyptian people as well as those from Mesopotamia and Persia. You only need to look at archaeological records to find just how much this gemstone was used to adorn furnishings and many more items in those days. These records show that there was an avid trade of Lapis Lazuli from the legendary city of Ur, dating back to around 4000 B.C. thus showing how popular this gemstone was to the people of those times. Many people also regard this gem as the one to encourage harmony in relationships as well as being the stone of friendship and truth. What a nice stone to wear to encourage one to speak your mind in a harmonious way.

You most certainly cannot go wrong when you purchase these September birthstones as a precious and gorgeous birthday gifts for your loved ones. Not only will you be giving a beautiful gift but you will be giving one that can only enhance your relationship to bear fruits of harmony and good relations.

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