The importance of appreciation


You need a 7 Day BrainwashA fundamental secret to using the law of attraction successfully is to appreciate all that you have in your life right now, whilst anticipating more good things coming to you in the future. If you are feeling appreciation for something or someone, the vibration you send out to the universe will be akin to love- which is the most powerful vibration of all. If you can feel appreciation on a daily basis, the universe will bring you more and more things to appreciate. Start by making an appreciation list’; write down all the things you currently appreciate, such as a rewarding career, great relationship or your good health. You may struggle at first, but write down everything that comes to mind- even if it’s a roof over your head and the ability to read and write.

A really powerful exercise is to keep an Appreciation Diary’- each morning or evening, write down everything you appreciate, from a hot cup of coffee in the morning to a meeting that went particularly well.

Joe Vitale tells a lovely story of when he first started to study the law of attraction. He read about the importance of gratitude and appreciation, but at that time he was broke, homeless and depressed, and felt that he had very little to appreciate in his life.

So he looked at the pencil he was using to make notes, and decided to start by appreciating it; he appreciated the smooth, clean lines of the pencil, how it felt to hold it in his hands, the fact that it enabled him to take notes and so learn how to change his life, and the fact that the same humble pencil could also be used to write a block buster novel, or a score of beautiful classical music. He immediately found himself feeling more positive about his life and this was the turning point for him. Today Joe is a celebrated personal development coach who is worth millions of dollars!

As an exercise, pick something mundane and feel appreciation for it. As I glance at my desk, I see my cell phone. I love the feel of the smooth metal case, love the stylish lines and glossy black color, and really appreciate the fact that I can use it to connect with anyone I want, no matter where I am. I can use this phone to make a call to save someone’s life or to contact someone close and tell them how much I love them. Now pick an object and try it yourself! It will train you to feel appreciation for everything good that comes into your life, leaving you open to receiving more and more.

A lovely story in the movie The Secret’ relates how one individual kept a gratitude rock’ in his pocket. This was just an ordinary little rock, but every time he touched it when he got his wallet or keys out if his pocket, it reminded him to feel gratitude and appreciation for something in his life. Maybe you could find yourself a gratitude rock?

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