The importance of visualization


You need a 7 Day BrainwashVisualization is the art of imagining something in your mind as though it is actually happening. We all visualize to a certain extent- if you are reading an exciting novel, you may imagine in your head the scenes that you are reading played out, and will probably have an image of what the characters look like. You find yourself daydreaming about the holiday you have booked whilst doing the chores, and can probably imagine walking along the beach and hearing the sea.

Visualization is also known as creative day dreaming, and can be harnessed and used as another powerful tool towards manifesting your desires.

When visualizing, you need to create a mental image of what you want to manifest, as though it is already yours. You must be able to see it in perfect detail in your mind. If you want a new car, imagine the exact make and model you want, the alloy wheels and fantastic sound system. If you want to travel, imagine your dream destination and the sights and smells you will experience when you are there.

However, simple visualization is not enough to engage the law of attraction. It does not respond to visualization alone- it responds to the vibrations from the feelings you are giving off when you are visualizing. The trick is to visualize- with feeling!

When you are visualizing, engage all of your senses; smell the leather interior of your new car, feel how it holds the road when you are driving it, hear the swish of the rubber tires against the road surface. The more detail you imagine, the more excited you should feel. Imagine how you would feel if the car was yours right now- how good would you feel! Try to hold that feeling for as long as possible as this is when you will be sending out those positive thought vibrations to the universe and aligning yourself with your new car.

If you want to travel, imagine the sun on your skin, feel the sand between your toes as you walk barefoot along the beach, smell and taste the exotic dishes you will try. Imagine relaxing and laughing with your family in a bar next to the sea. Get into the feeling of being there right now and feel the pleasure.

Don’t start wondering how you are going to get your goal, or let doubts creep in, or you will push it away. Simply visualize actually having achieved your goal and get into the feeling of having it. The more you visualize the easier it becomes and the easier you should find it to get into the feeling place or having what you desire.

Try to visualize at least twice daily; if you have a few spare moments during the day, take the opportunity to visualize your goals. You could make things easier by finding images relating to your goal and looking at them while you visualize.

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