Why frustration is a good thing


You need a 7 Day BrainwashIsn’t it marvellous? A number of projects I’ve been working on recently just aren’t doing what they’re s’posed to. It’s made me very frustrated!

So aren’t you going to congratulate me? Pat me on the back and say how good it must feel to have so much frustration all at once?

Oh, I see. You think frustration is to be avoided at all costs, and is one of humanity’s prime sources of stress. In fact, you’re now reminding me, in 2008 it was voted #3 in a world poll of the World’s Most Undesirable States.

(Not true – I made the whole thing up for effect).

But look. Due to frustration, I have come up with a more focused business plan, an idea for sponsorship, a new advertising campaign that’s easily within my budget – not to mention this Positive Living Tip. Side effects have included: highly productive and creative conversations with my wife, and realising the need to break from the toil at times, some prolonged and hugely enjoyable playtimes over the weekend with my children.

I say Hurrah for Frustration. It means you’re growing, looking, searching for answers, and digging deep into your creative resources. Behold, the answers pop up!

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